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  1. Amy Finkbine

    Wow! So even though the guest told her the book was for princesses only she chose to go ahead and grab it and sign it anyway.! The guest probably didn’t say anything because she was surprised the cast member would be so rude! I know the character the cast member was portraying is that type of character but the cast member took it to far. The guest clearly kept her princess book separate from the others that were to be signed. The cast member just took it upon herself to do what she wanted instead of what the guest wanted. Why should the guest have to tell her that she was serious about her not signing the book when she already told her it wasn’t for her to sign? Even the attitude in the video the cast member made was rude. Next time listen to the guest! The book was her property and it didn’t matter who else’s name was in it, she didn’t want yours and she shouldn’t have to tear out a page because of your rudeness! As far as the manager is concerned, she should have reminded you about how to treat the guest and their property!

    1. Stephanie M Bentivegna

      Or the woman could have acted like an adult and not a spoiled child, if she didn’t want the autograph she simply could have ripped it out.

  2. Jeff S

    How awful! I’m not a cast member, but I know they usually take the integrity of their characters very seriously. She obviously must not have been a very good employee if she feels the need to make these TikTok videos “ruining the magic” even after leaving DisneyWorld. Just another performer using Disney to get attention, realizing she probably has nothing else going for her now that she’s left. So incredibly sad.

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