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tomorrowland rain flood

Credit: Reddit user mercurialpolyglot


  1. Sue

    Tomorrowland always floods in this area during heavy rain…nothing new.

    1. Brionna

      Yeah rigjt and its always over rhe news

  2. Latasha Roshelle

    See I was opposite when it came to the flip flops. My feet became so slippery when it rained, I couldn’t keep them on. Literally had to take them off just to walk. Lesson learned. Never wore flip flops to Disney since. Sneakers only.

    1. Robert

      Crocs work very well when it rains.

  3. Lee

    Oh yeah…in 2013! Our area where we were standing was 3” deep…but it quickly drained in about 10 minutes. What s downpour!!

  4. Jon B

    it poured on us in Tomorrowland we were prepared enough to bring our own rain gear. We could easily identify our kids as they were wearing non-disney rain gear we just dried out our socks and tennis shoes at the hotel with a hair dryer best day we had, we went back a few days later and it was so hot and humid tons of people quite miserable

    1. Dan

      Actually this happened after I flooded the toilet. Happiest place on earth.

  5. Mason

    Hey there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow raining at the end of everyday

  6. Vivian

    One of my favorite memories of Disneyworld—and Mom—occurred during a flooded Magic Kingdom. It was the summer Disneyworld opened (oh yes, quite a long time ago) we lived in Virginia at the time and coming down to Florida was the ultimate treat, visiting Disneyworld the culmination of all of our dreams. We would only have 1 day in the park because that’s all Dad could afford and boy, did it rain! Tickets were bought separately then, for the different attractions and we ran out of ours but Mom made it fun; we jump with her in every puddle and sang “If you had wings” as loud as we could.

  7. John

    Recommendations sport or hiking/sport sandals like a Teva, keen, or I have a pair of Ozark trail sandals. Support for walking but if it rains no soaked socks and shoes later don’t slide off like flip flops. Great for this or hiking in water such as narrows at ZIONs. Also my feet get so sweaty in socks and shoes when walking all day but not as bad in sandals

  8. Ric

    Years ago we got caught at EPCOT in a huge storm. It flooded the entire loop. It also cleared out the park so there was no wait for rides!

    IMO always have a rain poncho. They are marked up 300% in the park.

  9. GiGi Quinn

    Tomorrowland always floods. Plenty of inside shelters. I worked the Emporium on MainStreet and we would get so very busy during rain. Families drying off.. we were able to engage with our guests and help them dry off.

  10. Noel

    Instead of Crocs or flip flops which offer no support for the hours you are going to spend walking around Disney, a better alternative is a good pair of sandals…

  11. Ok so if you have ever been to the magic kingdom and it rains flooding could happen I’ve been over a 1000+ times (season pass holder) this is not a new thing. Some times it happens some times not. Makes most people leave and you have the park to your self.

  12. troy

    Are there Utilidoors under Tomorrowland? What do those look like during these “flooding” events?

  13. Steven Boyd

    Visited MGM Studios during my honeymoon in June 1991. Torrential downpour and it flooded. We wore sneakers and socks. The water wicked up and we had very wet shoes/socks. That did not deter us (many folks left) so we enjoyed our day with much fewer crowds.

  14. SG

    And they just finished resurfacing Tomorrowland! Must have forgotten to put in some kind of drainage system, lol! I wonder if it drips into the tunnels down below?

    During the rainy season (summer) I love my Sketcher sandals. Save the sneakers for the winter when, believe it or not it does get cold.

  15. Christie

    Neverwet is a lifesaver for Orlando theme parks. You can coat anything with it, and ALL water rolls off like water off a duck’s back. We have designated shoes, socks, shirts, shorts, any kid blankets and even stroller fabric for these moments, and I cannot tell you how many moms ask me how we are completely dry while walking through the rain, except for hair and skin of course.
    No, I am not paid by Neverwet or anyone. Just a mom who found the most amazing product for Orlando wet weather and kid spills (yes, you can use on any home fabric including carpet).
    Don’t believe me? Check out YT videos on the product.

  16. KenG

    My advise is try your shoes out before you go! Hose them down, get them soaked and then take a mile walk and see how they do. ANd do that a few times.

    Years ago I got top-notch sandels for our trip (2005) thinking they would be excellent (they were eoither Keen or Teva). They were not!
    Why? Because the straps around your heel were made of suede. Comfortable when try, but once wet they stay wet and caused horrible blisters. I ended up buying Mickey flip flops one night at DHS just so I could keep walking.

    Next time I got Crocs and what a difference! I got their slip-on boat shoe style but the most important thing is make sure they have the drain holes around the sides! I see a lot of YouTubers (TheTimTracker) that live in the area and wear Crocs all the time!

    Another piece of advise: Don’t wear open-toe shoes or sandels of any kind! You are walking around 1,000s of other folks, 100s of strollers and that is just dangerous for your toes!

  17. Ed Schmidt

    Maybe when they should have installed a better drainage system.

  18. Ed

    Maybe they should have installed a better drainage system

  19. Dan

    Funny, my first visit in probably 20-25 years, and I was in that exact spot within a few minutes of this picture being taken.

  20. Pat

    Been in that heavy rain. We have also been there through 2 Hurricanes. Never saw any flooding but saw some big puddles.

  21. Jonny

    New Year’s Eve 2002 MU family was at EPCOT. I have never in my life seen so much rain come down at once. We were walking in ankle high water most of the day. Half way through the day we all went home to change and dry off. By the time we got back to the park entrance we were already soaked again. We were all wearing ponchos which did nothing to deter the heavy rainfall. Made for one of the best and most memorable day at Disney ever!

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