Comments for Daily Honored Tradition Returns to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park!

Flag Retreat Ceremony

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Anthony Cecchini

    The squad is going to be happy about that. I though the flag was racist and only Trump supporting rednecks driving pick up trucks would respect it. Why would D’Amaro allow that to happen.

  2. Kim

    My Dad was a Veteran of the Day a few years ago at one of our visits. It was a special day for him. He had been ill for a long time, and Disney was one of his healing places after a hospital stay or just a bad stretch of time. Fortunately we live only 2 hours south of the park, so he was able to go often.

  3. SG

    We just happened upon it one day, preCOVID, and we all loved it! So glad it has returned. Our next trip to MK we’ll definitely look for it!

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