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  1. Hans

    Not sure why you pay as you have already paid a heafty enterance price already. Next time we go to Florida will be giving the parks a miss. Sorry Walt

    1. Torun

      Then you should read again. This is only for Disneyland PARIS and Shanghai, and NOT in Florida (Disney World). Ok? 🙂

      1. Lisa Taylor

        Not true

        1. terry ulrich

          They are doing it to make up for the money they lost during Covid 19

      2. Mrs wiltshire

        It will happen everywhere sadly, just a matter of time. Disney are making what walt wanted as an affordable magical family experience an unaffordable financial burden. We will be giving disney a skip after our next trip as we wont be able to afford it as a family of 4 anymore.

        1. Darrell

          Sad but true!!!

      3. Robert M

        You missed “All parks”, might want to get off that high horse.
        Ok? 🙂

        1. MICHAEL SMITH

          Fast pass is closed in all parks. This system is only implemented in two of them… Paris and Shanghai.

          “At this time, there are only two Disney Parks to implement this change — Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disney. FastPass/FastPass+ at Walt Disney World Resort and FASTPASS/MaxPass at Disneyland Resort remain suspended as a result of operational changes amid the ongoing pandemic.”

        2. Theola Richardson

          Happy days people

    2. Angela

      If you actually read the article it says nothing about WDW in florida. Its for Paris/Shanghai.

      1. Mike

        Maybe you should read again. FastPass is suspended in ALL Disney parks.
        What people need to do is not buy into it. Show them that we will not accept this. I for one, would rather wait in line or just not go on that ride. There have been times when I’ve gone to Disney and never stepped foot in the parks. There are lots of other things to do there.

      2. Robert M

        Ironic considering you are the one missing some information.
        “All parks”

    3. Lisa Taylor

      You already pay and this is awful. When you save up to go and you can not ride anything this is awful

      1. Danny

        When I decide to pay to go to a Disney park, it is with the understanding that I will get to ride the rides they have at the park I paid to get into. We were recently at Disney World this pass week and with the wait time had to forgo some of our favorite rides. Now you tell me if I want to ride your popular rides I will have to pay for a family of 4 from $32-$72 just to ride a ride I already paid for. Greedy, dishonest and not fair to working families who have to scrape by just to get entrance into the park. If this goes to World Disney will lose my visits

    4. Sharon Pike

      Wotever next I go to disney every year for 3 week holiday looks like I wont be going to disney anymore the holiday and all the parks are pricey enough I wont be paying more money after paying the hefty price of the tickets to get in already

    5. If we are now going to have to pay for rides/attractions, like it was back in 1972-73, the entrance tickets had better have a major price drop! I understand that the price of everything is going up, but they are going up for everybody, not just Disney World. This will probably be my last visit and I love the pre covid DW.

  2. Archaic…. like the 50’s & 60’s when you had to buy rides for tickets only now it’s on top of exorbitant prices to get in. Turning it into rich priviledge. Shocked that’s what they came up with.

    1. +Jc

      I think Walt Disney would very sad to see how the Disney company is nickel-and-diming families to the Core. The prices of tickets are very expensive already. And now they want to add a money value that something that was free before. Instead of price gouging families they should be making it economic so more families and more people can come to and enjoy the parks.

      1. JC

        Had a family member who was a cast member pre-pandemic and he said the Leadership at Disney was always pushing prices upwards to see what the breaking point is. The parks are always full and people spend money like it’s their job so why lower prices or make things more affordable. They will keep raising prices until guests stop spending. That’s their philosophy.

      2. mike

        Well black families won’t have to worry about seeing black African “natives” on the River Boats anymore. The new “diversified” WDW will be too much money for them & other minorities to afford to go !

        1. Paul

          Who says minorities are poor?

      3. Denise

        Is this for only taking place of the old FP? Will we still be able to wait in line, for the ride?

  3. Birgit

    Wir waren letzte Woche da- sehr ärgerlich – für “Normal-Ticket-Besitzer 70 min Wartezeit im Schnitt… Als ehemalige “Annual Pass Holders” in Kalifornien, wo uns vieles hinter den Kulissen erklärt wurde – können wir nur wiedergeben – käufliche Fast Passes sind absolut nicht im Sinne von Walt Disney!!!

    1. Jody

      Wow .think this is crazy with the high priced tickets and resort prices.this will be the last time i go to disney .cant justify paying for fast pass .

  4. Jean

    From a family that visits The parks every two years, because we have to save to go, I find this rediculous. The prices are already high and then to add more to rise the main attractions seems a bit outrageous. We love Disney but being a working class family we would have to find another tradition to enjoy. Please think of all when considering the outlandish idea.

    1. Katherine

      Hey Jean. There is someone with a conspiracy theory going around (all over YT, WDWNT, et.al.) saying that Disney wants to cater to families with incomes…150K and above, I think he said. Disney is no longer for the “common folk”. I didn’t think it possible, but you’d be surprised how many households in the U.S. make well above that and how many more are millionaires. I’m not saying this in a sparky way, only that I was shocked at the number. 28 million, millionaires! That number obviously doesn’t include the internationals. Sadly, I think they don’t care about everyone and will exist as a semi-elitist thing. They will bring in the big guys and know that the little guys will still come–albeit, once every few years–and drop more money for the premier pass for AT LEAST 1 big-ticket ride(probably on a credit card) because heck, they’re there already, so they may as well enjoy it. By the way, don’t read WDWNT. The main guy is snarky as hell and elitist through qnd through.

  5. MuzzyFush

    This is a huge mistake by Disney and is already very unpopular with guests. We shouldn’t have to pay extra when entrance fees are already vastly inflated and increase every year. This is not the way to increase guest attendance. Disney are making it impossible for many to justify visiting the parks.
    I hope they scrap this idea quickly.

    1. Rebecca Heatley

      For a brit who saved for years to come, was cancelled two years because of the pandemic, this is a massive kick in the teeth. Already spending an obscene amount of money to pay even more per ride is LUDICROUS. That would price most bits going to florida walt disney world out of the game. #noneedgreed #waltturningingrave

      1. Torun

        This is not going to be implemented in Florida yet, ok? 🙂 Just Disneyland Paris and Shanghai.

        1. This will happen in Florida also. We were just there in June and cost a ton for a family of 11. We will be going to Hawaii, Aruba and other places instead of wdw from now on, and it will be a lot cheaper. So sad they put profits above good family fun😪

      2. FormrAPhldr

        Good afternoon before any of this happened I use to have an annual pass parking was covered and I think 10% on purchase . I took my family twice in the past five years we save to come to Disneyland enjoy the park and seeing the cast members do there thing. Never have I felt so bad not going anymore but seeing and reading about what the new head of Disney is doing is making up for lost revenue for shareholders. Your already paid to come into the park why I’m I paying to ride we don’t eat there maybe for dinner and as far souvenirs go one or two maybe. I don’t like this new direction that Disney is going into nickel and diming the general public.

  6. Candice

    Just keep Max Pass. It’s a reasonable fee and a process is already in place.

    1. Carlos

      Walt must be turning on his grave. Has the Disney company stopped using the idea: what would Walt do?

  7. art

    Disney World never again
    charging for Fast Pass will be a mistake.

    1. Torun

      It’s not in Disney World Florida, just Disney land Paris and Shanghai now ok?

      1. B

        I think it’s coming though

  8. Marcie

    As someone who doesn’t go to the parks often, I honestly thought they where already charging for fast pass. As long as you can wait in a general line for free I don’t see the problem.

    1. Mrs W

      Yes but youve already paid through the nose before getting on the ride so eaiting in line for free is alrrayd paid for so why pay double whammy? Its disgusting.

    2. Katherine

      A general line for 2 hours versus 20 minutes, yes.

    3. Doug

      I’m mixed. Six Flags Magic Mountain has already had a Flash Pass you can pay for to skip the lines. Their main entry ticket is cheaper than Disney, but Six Flags also doesn’t offer the theming, entertainment and staffing Disney does. The biggest negative I see for the pay-per-ride system is how it can increase standby times for the average guest as more people opt to pay to cut the line, delaying others.

      I agree with what some have said, which is to just keep (and charge) for a MaxPass at the very least.

      The pay-per-ride isn’t something you HAVE to do, but then be prepared to wait in lines. When I was a kid at WDW, I can remember waiting 3 hours for Splash Mtn., way before FastPass was even a thing.

      Either way, I’m more focused on what and how they bring back AP to the state parks.

  9. Peter

    Go figure they get millions in tax breaks, do not pay their workers jack squat for cost of living but want to keep raising the price of everything without offering a damn thing. I would have been ok with something like Max pass with a set price but to now turn it into a place like Finland is a mistake. Sure we can wait in line for free but why try to get even more out of us is a disgrace.

  10. robert welter

    I think it is an insult to the loyal customers of Disney. We already are being charged high prices for tickets not to mention accommodations and food. They are trying to squeeze the last dime out of the visitors

  11. Marilyn

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that they want to charge more for a fast pass. We are already paying out the nose to get in. If Walt were still around he would be so furious with this. I don’t think that he intended to charge such a high price for everything. They really need to get rid of the new CEO because he is bringing Walts dream for families down quickly! There is also no reason except for greed that they charge visitors to park at the hotels or park for that matter. And to get rid of the transportation from the airport that brings the hotels so much business is ridiculous. Come on the powers that be open your eyes before it’s too late!

  12. Maureen

    Goodbye mickey

  13. Sheri Lorenz

    Walt built Disneyland as an affordable place for families to enjoy. The corporation has destroyed that vision long ago. The Disney family needs to remember what values the company was built on before they rune the house that Walt built!

    1. Matt Gustafson

      The “company” was built on racist and anti Semitic values. Walt would probably roll over now thinking about how many wonderful people of all countries and religions can share in his magic.

      1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

        No it wasn’t. That has been completely disproven as slander. Shame on you to think so.

      2. Rich

        Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day, minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

        – George Orwell 1984

    2. Jf

      Shame on you Disney franchise. Absolutely outrageous to begin with the cost to enter your park with a family of five, then to add even more costs to not have to wait 95 min for rides with little kids is a sin. This is a crime. And
      to those of you living the plush life of higher ups at the Disney Co. should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t care what country this is taking place, it shouldn’t be allowed.

  14. Sue

    If Florida adds this I will be the first to sell my Disney time share !! It is already too expensive extra money makes Disney our of my budget

  15. Al

    I’m guessing many only read the headline and some think you’ll have to pay to ride the attractions even after paying to get in. Kinda funny actually reading some of these.

  16. Jean Thomas

    I know they are only doing this at Disney Paris and Shanghai but you can guarantee that it will be introduced into the other parks before people realise it. Extortionate prices.

  17. Olive Abbott

    It is ridiculous! We pay for entrance tickets and that should be the total cost for rides. Fast pass is a little perk that Disney offered to its patrons for free. The only little perk that we get from Disney, and might I add even with a fast pass the wait time is often quite long. Very disappointed to see Disney becoming so unwelcoming to its guests.

  18. Girard1974

    Unbelievable!! It already costs an arm, leg as well as a mortgage on the family home to visit the Happiest Place on Earth, now they want to dip further into our wallets and purses for what little we have left!! It’s obscene!! Walt would fire whoever came up with this stupid idea.

  19. Penny

    OK – so now even Disney is going to be for the rich only! It’s supposed to be the most wonderful place in the world – for families. How many families can afford an extra expense to go on every ride? Plus entrance fee, plus food and drinks, plus plane fare, plus souvenirs, plus, plus plus. I don’t think that was the intention of WALT DISNEY. Stop thinking about all the money you are putting in your pockets. It’s for the kids, the parents and the grandparents to experience a wonderful day at Disney.

  20. The bard

    Looks like Disney don’t cater for the likes of me anymore with normal run of the mill jobs so its universal here I come from now on

    1. This will happen in Florida also. We were just there in June and cost a ton for a family of 11. We will be going to Hawaii, Aruba and other places instead of wdw from now on, and it will be a lot cheaper. So sad they put profits above good family fun😪

    2. Eugenia

      Universal has paid FP and waits at many attractions are quite long without it. So why would Universal be where you go if Disney World does the same thing?

      1. Michelle

        Universal has no 3 hour wait lines. When those lines get long, they go to virtual queue…for free. WDW in Florida is not charging anything for Fast Pass Plus. I’m hoping this won’t change. If it does, “Noodlegate” with have nothing on the backlash.

  21. Steve

    Just another sad day for Disney, and just a matter of time that it will happen in Florida and California! I refuse to pay more, as it is already over priced already! This September may be my last trip with my grandkids!

  22. Andrea

    I do not agree with charging more than the already outrageous price people have to pay to get in. I DID read the whole article and though says Shanghai and Paris it does not mean Florida and California won’t consider this as well soon too! For many families including my own Disney is a very expensive vacation and fast passes should be left as was. Everyone should have the ability to get fast passes for rides not just the Uber rich. Already Disney world limited how many you could get in a day which was annoying and unfair that you could get the fast pass several weeks before going to the park. It should be how it used to be where you got them day of and not online prior to your visit.

  23. Marcia

    So once again, those without extra $$ are left behind. 😒
    Terrible idea!

  24. James

    Vote with your wallets, it’s the only way to reverse this. I stopped going to Disney when WDW increased the parking fee to $25. As if $20 wasn’t ridiculous enough.

  25. James

    Vote with your wallets. Its the only way to reverse this. I stopped going to Disney when they raised the parking fee to $25. As if $20 wasn’t ridiculous enough.

  26. Losk

    When people will realise that FastPasses actually makes queues to slow down.
    They get rid of FastPass because it was making waiting times going up.
    And it isn’t a ripoff when you can still ride for… free.

  27. Mike

    This is a test run,soon it will be at all parks. So much greed with Disneyland now, everything seems to be an extra fee, premier access for disney+,now a fee to skip the line. Won’t be going to Disney anytime soon, for a long while.

  28. Ruth

    This will soon be the norm at all of the Disney parks. More privilege for the rich. The parks are expensive enough and crowded enough that it is no longer enjoyable. Disney California is charging $6.00 for a bottle of water, $25 to park your car (without Tram service to the Park), $600-$1000+ for a room, in addition to the $124+ for a single park one day ticket. That is $500 for a family of 4 just to walk into the Park. By the time you pay for meals, accommodations, park fees, and now premier access, a trip can cost 1,000’s of dollars. The house the mouse build has become a big fat rat.

  29. SCOT

    So, I have been to Dianey Paris multiple times and it’s is very expensive, everything from the food to the souvenirs just glad I took my kids before this new system has come in as we are a family of 5. I think that £90 for a ticket should include all the rides and shows with the option of the fast pass system that they had before the pandemic, because otherwise it becomes ridiculous. Also if it does get rolled out in WDW then I couldn’t justify going again. I last went in 2018 and paid for 5, 3 week passes which cost £2400 lol just to get in… if they introduce a paid fast pass system then that is wholly unfair. We had to book our pandora fastpass at 9 am when the park opened, 4hr wait so we then went and did other attractions, but could you imagine paying £100 for a day pass and the having to wait in queue for 4 hrs or having to pay an extra (in my case it would be) £35 ($45)… its laughable… and wholly elitist. Please don’t do it WDW…

  30. Its hard enough for an average family to afford a trip to Disney now .If this extra $$ is added it truly will make the trip out of reach.I feel it is not fair to average family and gears toward the rich having the most fun at the .most Magical place on earth. As a single grandparent on a fixed income the joy of taking a grandchild to Disney will be out of reach.(I save for 2 to 3yrs to. be able to go with one) why bother anymore? Disney World Florida please don’t add this extra $$ .

  31. Eugenia

    Disney World in Florida is notorious for long lines at attractions. When free FP was in place, it was very limited and exhausting to plan. I much prefer Universal’s paid system. Even with paid FP a guest is still able to ride attractions even if they can’t afford or won’t pay for FP. It just means longer wait times for them. Right now with no FP Disney World has very long waits for EVERYTHING.

    1. Sj

      Just now wondering if we will have to now pay for our adult disabled daughter’s DAS pass. Where will this line end up? As it is she can only tolerate being in the parks for 2-3 hours a day with breaks

  32. Allynn Reissman

    Disney is out of control already overpriced how do they expect families to afford all of these extra fees when they are already totally exorbitant with their prices! Think we will plan a carribean vacation instead!

  33. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    For anyone who says this is greedy and nickel and dime, that is what his is about at all. You are all assuming that you would spend the amount to use it. The point is that you won’t. They know less people will rather it up. They want less people using the fast pass system because it was abused and didnt reduce the lines in the parks.

  34. David A

    Total Rip off but then what more can you expect from the current Disney management. I have been to Disneyland Paris before fastpass and the wait times were ridiculous other than seeing the parades (daytime and the nighttime parade) only managed to do 4 or 5 rides in a day. Before anyone comments that this does not affect WDW or Disneyland you can be sure that it will once things get back to ‘normal’ in those parks as fastpass is currently suspended there. Booked to go to Orlando from the UK November 2022 having had 2 previous bookings cancelled due to the pandemic. Not bought any theme park tickets yet so will monitor the situation regarding Disney but this could be the first time I have avoided WDW in 13 visits

  35. Sue

    The fee for a ticket is already high. $9 per fast pass is just another reason for us not to go. Add that to canceling Disney’s Magical express snd the dinning plans. Disney is not out of reach for the average family Too bad it was an awesome family vacation. Will be looking for somewhere else to take the grandkids

  36. Tamara

    Those that can, will pay, as they do at Universal Studios. So as long as people pay Disney will squeeze us middle class and those on fixed incomes right out of the parks. Good thing Florida has many beaches.

  37. Jodi

    We have been to Disney over 25 times. When they stopped the Fast passes we went to Universal and enjoyed the unlimited passes for everything but the two main rides. If they make us pay for individual rides instead of an overall unlimited pass, we’ll likely not return to Disney. The rising cost of tickets, parking, loss of magical express, etc, and minus the perks of the Fastpasses are not magical anymore. Universal has them beat in magic and value now.

  38. Tyler

    Once the writing was on the wall that premiere pass was the future, my family became Universal fans, bought season passes and honestly my wife wont even watch disney plus anymore. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and the $15k a year we had been spending at WDW.

    The good news is that Universal Orlando really is a great substitute (something we hadn’t considered before) for WDW fans and their premium pass includes express passes after 4, free parking and an actual discount that seems to be accepted (forgive the pun) universally.

  39. Bella

    Bye Bye Mickey!!

  40. Bella

    Adios Mickey!


    Everyone should stay away from this money grabbing plan by Disney, if they try it in the US most people will not fall for it, they will wait in line just like they did before.. Family with 4 kids will cost an additional 54 dollars for one two minute ride.. that is insane …

  42. Kaptainkrrrk

    Disneyland continues to exploit its customers. Created a “classism” inside it own “Magic Kingdom”. Seperating “true” affluent fans from families, middle and lower class individuals. It’s a scam inside a pyramid scheme inside a hustle. How many times must the wealthy Mouse screw over families? How many times must WALT DISNEY turn over in his grave at the exploitive nature of it’s new chairman, CEO and board of Scrooge McDucks?

  43. mike

    Well black families won’t have to worry about seeing black African “natives” on the River Boats anymore. The new “diversified” WDW will be too much money for them & other minorities to afford to go !

  44. Will

    The trick is that the free fast pass system was open to everyone. There’s a fixed number of times a ride can run in the time the park is open, and there’s a maximum number of people per day who can ride it. The old way (the free one) allowed as many people as possible on the ride, but it helped disperse them throughout the day, making the line shorter for those who didn’t snag a fast pass. Now, unfortunately, only those who have bottomless wallets will be able to use a fast pass (figure you may ride 10 -15 different rides during the day (and night), for a family of 4 at $7 a pop you’ll add another $420 to an already (overly) expensive vacation. Not to mention a very large number of guests won’t be able to shell out that kind of money so the regular lines will only get that much larger.

  45. Cyndi

    This is a really bad idea! The price increase for on site hotels and a parking per day fee is bad enough. Why would Disney, known for accommodating guests, suddenly decide to eliminate free fast passes? I realize it’s only implemented in two parks, but let’s not turn Disney into Universal anywhere!!!!

  46. Carl M Cox

    Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would want to visit Disneyland Paris in the first place! The place is awful! Besides, It’s typically a lot cheaper for a family of 4 to travel from Europe to Orlando and spend 2 weeks there. For USA guests, when you have Walt’s two original parks, the one he built and the one he began to build to choose from, there is nothing at all (bar abject disappointment) to be gained by going to DLP.

    If anything, you’ll most likely need to spend a week at a USA Disney park, just to get over the horror of experiencing the French version of Disney!! Seriously, DLP is a waste of your money. Paying almost $10 per person, per ride to jump the queue in a park where the queues are never really that long, really is “taking the Mickey!”.

    As for Shanghai, I have never been and have no desire to either. It’s just Disneyland on steroids! The intimacy and magic of Disneyland or Magic Kingdom sacrificed in order to get more people through the gates. That huge monstrosity of a castle… no thanks! Shanghai is everything Disneyland is not.

    If guests from the USA truly wish to experience Disneyland on an international level, then you need to head over to Japan and spend a week or so at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea! Here you will get Disney magic in abundance and then some! Talk about unique and familiar at the same time. The whole place is a fascinating fusion of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. The second gate to DisneySea, is an experience unrivalled in any other Disney park.

    Whatever your preference, be it, rides, shows, parades, dining, merchandise, character encounters, Cast Member attentiveness and kindness, this place (which is the only resort not owned in any way by Disney) is unlike any other. The rides will be familiar to some extent, but everything beyond, will just blow your mind. It did mine!

    So if Disney (now the sole owner of Disneyland Paris) want to continue the downward spiral of this park over the last 30 years, then ripping of guests and squeezing every cent out of them is the way to go. Besides, it’s likely to be a false economy for DLP anyhow. For what guests there end up paying extra to jump the queues, is less money to be spent on food and merchandise (the latter of which you can buy online from shopDisney anyway).

  47. Paul

    Don’t forget to add an additional $25.00 for parking if you decide to stay off-site.

  48. Mike

    The only way this crime is gonna stop is don’t pay for it.

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