Comments for Without Trams, Cast Members Give Guests Golf Cart Rides to Their Vehicles

EPCOT golf carts


  1. catherine

    Honestly Disney is getting ridiculous…They keep increasing the price of everything and they are not giving back. They are cutting everywhere, when will it stop?

  2. THX1138

    Just pay more for parking up close! Come on we all have lots of money for executive’s but none for the cast.

  3. Mark

    Need those trams back very urgently, they are a disney classic and well come in handy for my poor feet, at the end of Disney day the last thing I need is walking over a more back to the car

  4. Whitney H

    Bring them back! We need the trams at Disneyland, walking on the hot asphalt is not fun, we need trams back

  5. Rafael

    Bring the trams back!

  6. sonny brewer

    Will not return to Disney World without trams service have copd at least in parks can find a place to sit when needed

  7. Lauren S

    Its a deal breaker, my mom struggles really bad with the walk after the entire day waiting in lines, she didn’t enjoy our last visit. The walk back is horrible

  8. Not that Goofy

    NOPE. Our family, too, went the park once earlier in August and vowed we will not be back until Disneyland restores its trams. Add to this the elimination of free Fast Passes, the mandatory reservation system, and that horrible unacceptable mobile food ordering, and we are actively seeking other ways/venues at which to spend our time and dollars.

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