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  1. Christi

    It’s harder for us to make it to the movies now because of my 2 year old. My 6 year old loves to go to the movies. Little brother doesn’t love to sit still. I love that Disney plus gives us this option. We’re still contributing and little brother can run freely and we can enjoy the movie.

  2. Sherry McCourt

    Considering that many people are losing their homes, these actresses seem to be rather greedy. How many millions does one need? No sympathy for either one.

  3. Vania Vieta

    scarjo is NOT the first person to speak up.


    Get your facts straight, And also Scarjo is wrong in this situation cause the pandemic isn’t over yet. We are dealing with a delta variant in Florida rn. Geez! This is stupid

  4. Jay

    So selfish indeed. Not all theaters are completely open. They should think about loss of box office profits as well if it were just in theaters. COVID is spiking yet again and some can’t even go to the movies. Maybe they could consider a limited rental period when the film opens or something like that. It’s still eventually going to be free anyway.

  5. M

    They are already rich but I hoe they take Disney to the cleaners and that way, Disney can leave Splash Mountain alone. #SaveSplashMountain

  6. Chris

    Disney needed to renegotiate the contracts before releasing the movie. Time Warner did with its actors. No excuse.

  7. Melanie Durham

    This is absolutely ridiculous! These actors have plenty of money! Most of us have lost our jobs, homes, etc because of this crazy pandemic! And they want to throw a tantrum! I won’t pay to see their movies!

  8. SG

    Christi I love your answer. I’ve been in your shoes and would have loved to have that option.
    My husband and I are lucky that both movies made it to the Big Silver Screen and we LOVED them! I recommend watching 101 Dalmatians right before Cruella, it’s fabulous. We saw Cruella twice. And The Black Widow was a wonderful way to see how she came to be who she is, well done.
    If you can’t or don’t feel safe going to the theater, staying home (Publix has fresh movie style popcorn in the deli) and munching on your favs at a fairly reasonable price (I find $30 too much but beggars can’t be choosers, unfortunately) is the perfect solution.
    About the fight for contracts to be enforced. I agree with the actors. Yes, they make a lot of money. Hopefully they’ve stashed some away. I work with entertainers and they don’t get paid THAT well and it was really hard being unemployed for 16 months. Most used up their savings and dipped into other sources. These two were unemployed for a while also, but the bills keep coming in, ok they can sell assets, sure. And when you see how professional sports players are paid and why (career ending injuries), you should understand the need to store some away. Female actors can’t get many roles after 50 (look up Geena Davis and Reese Witherspoon “inclusions”) vs male. Did Sean Connery and George Clooney EVER have trouble getting a role? Think about it ladies. Do you 40 and uppers think about aging? Hollywood definitely does!

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