Comments for Elsa Is Officially a Hurricane, Heads Towards Florida

hurricane elsa model


  1. ?

    I can already see all the terrible Frozen Puns that will be accompanied with all the news reports on Hurricane Elsa.

    Prayers for the survival and safety of Florida and the people

  2. Nick

    Oh no. A hurricane. A novel hurricane. Florida better shut down for 6 months to flatten the hurricane curve.

    One hurricane is one too many.

  3. We will be there July 4 – 9, remarkably to use passes that we received as a result of being there during the Hurricane Matthew closure. It seems as if Disney World, hurricanes and our family go hand in hand.

  4. Laura

    We are set to arrive at the same time as the Hurricane eye Wednesday morning early. Completing our Frozen Hurricane collection. Ana (2014), Olaf (2015), and now Elsa (2021) ugh, we were rescheduled from last year too.

  5. It doesn’t surprise me and I hope everyone will be ok through it. I am a local to Orlando so I am quite used to these things. Randomly, my home was destroyed by a tornado while there wasn’t even a hurricane while I was still growing up! I actually worked at the parks when September 11th hit and I remember because it was prior to my shift starting. Everyone be safe and fill up your gas tanks!!!

  6. Donna1969

    This is our first trip and we are taking grands. So sad and excited at the same time.

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