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  1. Paul Stirewalt

    Disney can kiss my ass if they want to charge for fast passes.

    1. The Mouse

      Oh you’ll pay.

      You’ll ALL pay!


    2. NMS

      Screw you Disney for making customers pay even more money for fast passes after you already are wealthy pigs. How much profit is enough? You certainly don’t pay your employees well.?

  2. Jeff Beucler

    I’m usually a Disney defender. This one however is truly a horrible idea that will upset 99% of Park goers. If they want to do this in the U.S., then admission should be slashed, given how expensive these “front of the line” passes have been priced. Obviously Disney greed knows no bounds. Count me out.

    1. Toni White

      I totally agree. I CAN find other things to do!

  3. Miriam Didericksen

    Coming from family that went during part of the reopening, if they would just do away with the fast pass all together, you can get through the lines fairly fast. If they want them, they should charge a butt load of money to the people that like to but in line. That’s what I think of calling people with a fast pass.

    1. Sue

      Well go now and the waits times are 2 plus hours but then again if people chose to stand in line for 2 hours for a 3 min ride in 90 plus degrees outside then that your problem. Disney will raise prices . And charge for things that they did t do before and people will still go. If tickets where 300 dollars for one day people would go. I would bet the ones who are getting the extra money from the government are spending it at Disney. So who is making Disney rich. Ones who spent here money there.

      1. Warren Eaton

        This is what you get when a business is run by bean counters and not creative people.

    2. yoyo

      You work for old man Chapek don’t you Miriam. No one in their correct from of mind would want to pay extra for rides when they already paid to get in.

  4. Carol

    They have this at SeaWorld. Not only did it take 2 hours to get on the ride because of paid fast passes, then was another group of VIP passes that skip the line altogether. You send the majority of your day in line and don’t even get me started on their dining program of three restaurants that are so horribly staffed that after paying for it I was never able to use it. All this companies are being ruined by greed

  5. Dan

    I love options and always found Disney NOT offering these OPTIONS to be behind the times. Tons of theme parks across the country all offer these optional services. Six Flags, Universal all offer these options. It is a convenience for those who CHOOSE to purchase. Universal takes it a step above and offers the Express Pass to those staying at one of their participating hotels which we do take advantage of. I hope Disney decides to do this as well. If you pay more you should be able to get more. This is an optional service that works well at many other parks. People are seeing past all of this and only see Disney charging for more. I hate being limited to 3 rides that I have to book 60 in advance while waking up at 5am to book them only to find out it’s all booked up for the day. Sure you can get more once you run out of your 3 but your left with baby rides most of them time. Traveling across the country to go to Disney I love having an option to spend a little more to be able to experience everything.

    1. Doug

      I respectfully disagree. Disney has built their empire on leading, not on following. And one of their core principals is called “plussing” – meaning to add value to the experience. FastPass+ was emblematic of this concept.

      In fact, the “other” parks that you mention, followed Disney’s lead but added a hefty ($100+) charge to pad their bottom lines.

      Disney taking this same approach represents a step backward – and away from their one of their core values of plussing.

      1. Love Disney

        This is a step forward for Disney. Paid fast pass is great!!! Only the cheapwads would complain about this.

        1. Cast Member

          FastPass already existed in a free form that worked perfectly before. Not the guest’s fault that the company is ran by a bean counter devoid of any and all creativity or ingenuity like Bob Cheapskate. Why would you continue to pay even more money for less quality experience. The park continues to take all the perks of attending away while charging more.

    2. Donald Dudley

      If everyone buys a fast pass then things will be just as slow and the only winner will be Disney.

    3. Melanie Durham

      Well said and I totally agree!

    4. Deb

      Being old, I have done it all ways. Back when they had A,B,C,D and E tickets it is basically the same thing. You had to pay more for the E tickets. YUCK poor college student didn’t get to go on many rides. Then I went when all rides were what today they call standby. I kind of liked it because you didn’t rush from one side of the park to the other. You also got to see the queue entertainment. Then it went to if you stay on property only you got fast passes. Problem was as the day went on they were gone real quick. No point in getting a fast pass then you get to use it hours later. In fact we gave away passes to a family because the kids had had it and wanted to go back to the room. Then we moved to the 3 pass system. Actually, I missed the queue theming and it was more than irritating to walk through a maze when you are suppose to get on quick. The only thing I can say is that I will be more than perturbed if standby lines are longer than heck because Disney doesn’t consider what a limited number of passes mean.

      1. Zen

        Well get ready to be perturbed because that’s what’s going to happen! I’m not sure it’s going to be an enjoyable experience for anyone. (Even those who pay for it). Remember fast pass days where the fast pass line was larger than the standby line. Now add extra ??? to that “enjoyable” experience.

  6. Denise Rulli

    I thi k we pay enough on the tickets and then to pay for each person or ride is outrageous. Disney has taken away so much from us that I’m almost sorry that I’m part of it.

  7. Paul

    And what happens when EVERYONE pays for front of the line privileges? You paid a lot of money to stand in line!

    1. The Emperor

      But didn’t you know that?! Waiting in line is Disney’s most popular experience.
      It’s time to face the facts. Mickey has an addiction to cocaine.
      Iger is on stupid pills, and Kathleen Kennedy is on meth

  8. Toni White

    I love it. I am soooo happy there is so much MORE to do. Disney has gotten stupid with the rules and the do’s and don’ts, its NOT a fun magical place anymore, I’d rather go lay on the beach!!! It’s bad enough, we have to deal with all the foreigners dishing in line and not following the rules under the pretense of “not understanding” But the forced rules are getting ridiculous especially that fast pass situation, the tickets are over expensive and they’re steadily “taking away” from it, but not bringing down the price. If they start charging for the fast passes for real, I will not ever go back to disney. They are getting out of hand.

    1. JKH

      Good. I would rather not hang out with bigots anyway, at theme parks or anywhere else. Maybe, since you prefer the beach, you should stop coming to Disney-related websites as well. Go spread your prejudice elsewhere.

      1. Melanie Durham


  9. Magic Marker

    This is not ok with me. Disney keeps making it harder and harder for average people to afford it and have an equal experience, and it is already near impossible for lower socioeconomic groups. There was a time when the parks were doable for everyone as Walt expressed he intended.
    No, I don’t like this at all.

  10. Rick

    Congrats, Disney. You wanted to weed out the riff-raff, the average Joe family that’s had to save up for years just to enjoy a week at Disney. It’s now out of reach for most of us “unwashed masses” that can’t afford to pony up $200 plus per day, per family member. Walt would be sooo proud of you.

  11. Rachel Winiecki

    Disney will price themselves out of the average working man and his family. Its already cheaper to go to Europe.

  12. Cj Brown

    Bob “Cheapskate” Chapek wants all of the Disney ? to pay more ? at the Entrance for less experiences inside the Disney Theme Parks (without giving Cast Members a raise!)

    I don’t approve, nor do I support, these ‘extra fees’ experiences (from a faster queue line, to Halloween and Christmas Nights); when they used to be freely available during certain seasonal times; but those Disney ? will bah bah bah and open their wallets regardless!

  13. Linda M Gonzalez

    Disney only cares about money. They control Florida. We had a class action law suit against them because they were forcing our disabled kids to do their new terrible system. Since they control the courts Judge Conway shut down our lawsuit. We were Former yearly pass holders for decades but we will try never to return.

  14. Linda M Gonzalez

    Disney only cares about money. That’s why Sea World is now the number one theme park. It’s a selfish organization that discriminates against the disabled and would sell their mother to make money.

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