Comments for Construction Progresses on New DVC Tower at Disneyland

DVC Tower, Disneyland Hotel, concept art

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    Soon enough there will be a lot of construction noise once they start to go vertical and when they drive the support pilings in!

    I do question why any DVC member would want to stay there once it opens unless they get a room the faces the pool area. Many of those rooms are going to back up to neighborhoods behind it (from what I’ve seen in the renderings) and that is not a premium view by any means!

    1. Phillip Christensen

      It’s very difficult to get a DVC room at Disneyland since there are so few at DGC (something like 70). With this tower it adds something like 350 rooms. For a lot of people most of their time will be spent either at the parks or in the downtown area, so the view from their room won’t matter. They’ll have a comfortable suite close to the parks and shopping. Those rooms will also most likely be cheaper than the pool view rooms which then DVC members can maximize the use of their points and stay longer.

  2. Wade

    I’m not sure where the writer got the info from but I’ve stayed at all 3 resorts at Disneyland with my points. My favorite being Paradise Pier.

  3. Becca R.

    I’m excited for this new DVC property (we are watching with interest and would like to purchase there as our home resort—although rumors are that it will sell out in hours). I’m assuming it will be the Tomorrowland tower?

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