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Rock 'n' Rollercoaster Entrance (left) Guests getting evacuated from the rollercoaster (right)

Credit: Disney (left) / @halyeeyee_ TikTok (right)


  1. Must have been an amazing experience to see Rockin Roller Coaster with the lights on. Thank you tik tok user for sharing. When I was a child (while riding WED way peoplemover), I was amazed when I saw Space Mountain with the lights on, and the cast members appeared to be pushing the coaster to get it going again. Too bad they had to sit a half hour before they were evacuated.

    1. Laura


  2. Jill

    I jumped off of Splash Mountain when I was ten years old before the drop because I was scared- I found a door & the moment I opened it lights began flashing, the ride stopped a “stay put” recording came on. 2 people immediately came up to me (I was inside the mountain & just like space mountain ( I think it was all green ) & looked very industrial. Space Mountains tracks look very creepy with the lights on!

  3. Adam LaFaro

    We were evacuated off Thunder Mountain Railroad after it came to a stand still for about 20 minutes on its highest hill. Not as exciting as getting to see Aerosmith lit up since you can see most of TMR already, but it was neat walking the catwalks out of the ride area.

  4. Debbie L Kunes

    Yes, I was evacuated from Space Mountain in the 90s.
    They turned on the lights too.

  5. Jamie Kennedy

    This whole story is muckraker yellow bullpucky. There was no incident on the Rockin’ Rollercoaster, there is no place to evacuate on that coaster, it’s too fast. You are just trying to smear Disney and our safety standards. TikTok ECT is about to get SUED.

    1. K

      It absolutely, 100% happened to me this week. The only difference is we were down low near the end. Another car was up higher though.

      1. Jenn

        We got stuck on Expedition Everest once. In the cave. We had to climb down steps to get out. This was back in 2008. Quite interesting. You were not aloud to take any pictures or video inside.

    2. KennyVee

      Is Jamie a troll or an absolute fool? You decide. Either way, not worth arguing with, since the rest of us know that roller coasters have brake runs for a reason. I pity Jamie for trying to make this argument, whether serious or just having the trolling skills of a 4 year-old.

    3. Brian

      Jamie, I can tell you that ? this happened. My family and I were in the car behind this one. We were in launch position and ready to go when the announcement came on. We were off-loaded about 15 minutes or so after the initial announcement and given a fast pass to come back. It’s nothing bad on Disney at all! They handled the situation with care and speed.

    4. Craig

      No place to evacuate? I bet OSHA would be very interested in knowing this. All of these rides are required to have evacuation routes planned for when the ride breaks down. It doesn’t matter how fast the ride goes, when it breaks down there has to be a way to evacuate if needed.

  6. Jennifer M.

    My daughter & I were evacuated off of Splash Mountain (towards the end of the ride) during our first visit to Disney World (in late August 2012). The most annoying thing is the time spent waiting on the ride before they let you get off if it. It was an interesting experience though.

  7. K

    I was stuck on the Rockin Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando this week! We were down at the bottom near the end but another car was up high. Eventually they turned on the lights and came to rescue us. After they asked if anyone was hurt or freaked out they started evacuating us row by row. They told us not to take pictures and to put away our cell phones. They said it was for our safety so that we would pay attention to walking out carefully instead of taking pictures. We walked along side the tracks for quite some time. We saw everything. My daughter told them the experience ruined the magic. They told us they would load a fast pass onto everyone’s ticket as compensation for being stuck in the ride and then when they did so they said there are two each on there.

    1. Pete

      Same happened to my party on rock n roller coaster on our 2018 visit. We were allowed to take pictures. What was amazing was how small and compact the ride is.

  8. Anna Dahlquist

    In the 1960’s I was a kid with my dad and brother on the ride inside a molecule or atom, can’t recall, don’t think ride exists anymore, our car (molecule) stopped. It wasn’t scary at all. Staff person came and walked us out. No molecule exploration for us

    1. KennyVee

      This would have been Adventure Thru Inner Space at Disneyland, which closed in 1985 to be replaced with Star Tours (the first part of the queue is exactly the same path).

      That was a ride a LOVED as a kid. There is a CGI replication of Adventure Thru Inner Space on YouTube if you search for it (I’m probably not allowed to leave the URL here).

      I loved that attraction, but it would be pretty outdated now so I’m okay with Star Tours having replaced it.

  9. "Chem Chemerys"

    We were evacuated off of Pirates of the Caribbean. What a wonderful experience seeing everything with the lights on!! We evacuated into a back lot where we were given bottle waters, and fast passes to anything. They were very apologetic and kind and we felt special doing something so unique. We didn’t hear anyone actually complain. The other guests on the ride were all very understanding , smiling, talking, like we had the ride of our lives. To us Disney is such a special place that even an evacuation from a ride is an adventure for us. We looked at each other and said ” how cool was that!”

    1. Laurie wilson

      Us too because not everyone gets and experience something like that. We were stuck in a doom buggy in the Haunted Mansion on Halloween!! How cool is that!!!???

  10. Laurie wilson

    We were not evacuated but the ride did break down and we were stuck for over 30 minutes. We thought it was so cool because not everyone gets to experience that at Disney World! The ride we were stuck on was the Haunted Mansion on Halloween!!! Pretty freaking awesome! We ate snacks and cooled off. They came over the intercom and told us they were sorry for the delay but the ghost had taken over the ride.❤❤❤ That is what the sign said outside as well.

  11. Dorine McLeod

    We were at Disney World just last month, we all ran to Rockin Rollercoaster first. It was one of the best rides I had been on. I feel really bad for the people on it when it stopped. Hoping everyone is ok.

  12. Chris Taylor

    I got stuck on two different rides at Disneyland California The Indian Jones ride, it was the very first ride we got on when we got there that morning was stuck for 20 mintues. The lights came on it was so cool to see everything cause usually pretty dark Then a differ time same ride we got stuck where the big round boulder is coming at you for likec15 minutes. It was again interesting.Then another day we got stuck on Big Thunder Mountain. Had to sit in the sun for awhile was hot, eventually we got to walk off. Everytime treated great and was very kind and gave fast passes. I love Disnyland,California Adventure, Especially Disneyland World Resort. It’s truly Magical. WALT DISNEY would be extremely proud. I LOVE IT!

  13. Lindsey Sartin

    We were evacuated off Rise of the Resistance the very first time we rode it! They took us backstage to go down the steps.

  14. Carrie

    We were evacuated off of Expedition Everest on the incline to start the ride. We were stuck for about 20 minutes before they came to rescue us. It was kind of scary climbing down such a a steep incline. It had already taken my family awhile to talk me into riding it so needless to say I used my complimentary fast pass on a different ride.

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