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Gaston at WDW and Cinderella Castle

Credit: @nots0swift TikTok (left) / Disney (right)


  1. Mike F

    People trying to make something out of nothing. We all know she isn’t the most beautiful woman in WDW.

  2. Matt

    My son wants once complemented Gaston on his boots. He didn’t know they made those for men!

  3. Janet

    Mine is not a funny from two years ago at the Christmas Party. I was standing with my four year old granddaughter who was in her stroller. My hand was on the handle and the stroller was very quickly snatched away from me and being quickly pushed away thru the crowd. Panic!! It was Peter Pan stealing her. Her parents understood what was happening but all I knew was a young guy had stollen my daughters only child!! He finally stopped with her and gave his audience presentation. My family thought it was funny but it wasn’t to me!! It was like a worse nightmare. Great way to give a senior a heart attack. Disney think!!!

  4. Carrie

    Gaston was our FAVORITE character to interact with! My 2 sons showed him their muscles and he looked at them and said “what’s this, what am I looking at here?” And he wrote “❤s Gaston” under Belle’s signature on the souvenir bookmark from Enchanted Tales.

  5. Daniel J

    I would expect Gaston to act like an arrogant cad so I guess he was behaving completely in character and as a fellow actor I applaud him

  6. Marc Disney

    *sings* My what a jerk…Gaston! And he wonders why Belle won’t marry him, lol.

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