Comments for Walt Disney Company Sued in Multi-Million Dollar COVID Shutdown Dispute

Walt Disney Company Water Tower

Credit: Disney


  1. M

    I’m usually a very big supporter of Disney but after what they have done with that stupid idea of re-theming Splash Mountain (hope it can be saved) they don’t say ladies and gentlemen anymore, they want to go this “inclusive” route, they have lost their minds. I don’t know how Disney Shareholders are gonna put up with this crap. I hope Disney gets taken to the cleaners.

    1. kennyvee

      Oh, sure, an insurance company defaults on their policy and you say “I agree because Splash Mountain is going to be re-themed and they changed ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to dreamers of all ages’ and that doesn’t cater to you personally, but rather to everyone.” Get a life and stop being such a snowflake.

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