Comments for Fans Desperately Implore Disney to Quit Closing Disney Stores

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  1. Ken

    Close them. Disney blew it once they started filling the stores with China made junk. They used to be filled with high end collectibles such as film cells, lithos, original artwork, and more. It was like going shopping at Downtown Disney. Now it’s just like shopping at Walmart. They no longer set the store apart from other stores selling the same garbage. Petition them to go back to the original store idea.

  2. Yup. We need the Disney Stores everywhere.

  3. Sedrick

    Let them close. I refuse to shop and spend $100s of dollars and then have to buy a bag!!!

  4. Tracy

    I just wish they keep all the Disney stores in business and just change the name from The Disney Store to shopDisney like the website.

  5. EcoDisney

    Lol! So you can spends $100s on a bunch of stuff but can’t spare one extra $dollar for a huge reusable bag. That’s just a silly reason for 100s to lose thier jobs… I won’t even get into all the damage single use plastic bags cause the environment.

  6. nice to hear that Disney and Target are working together, but I agree with people out there that The Company has done enough store closings! Just found out that the nearest brick and mortar to my location will be in Virginia! Reminder to those who monitor these sites for the Walt Disney Company – e-commerce isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, either! For starting out as a Company wanting to be people-friendly and Guest-centric, Disney has LOST much of this attitude by being so concerned over the bottom dollar results! I also believe that innovation and creativity are two standards that Disney has been known for in the past, but it for certain doesn’t show in their product lines anymore! Cheap trinkets don’t cut it when one looks for quality for adults and children – and the same is true for seeing the same merchandise infall the Parks! What happened to uniqueness? Probably subsumed by that all-mighty-dollar-save-on-production-costs-and-forget-originality mentality! Why strive to be THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY when you’re acting the same as every other retailer out there?

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