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disney world railroad (left) aerial photo magic kingdom (right)

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: thedisneypilot


  1. KenG

    The photo is not very clear when zoomed in so it’s hard to tell. I may be wrong but I thought I heard the railroad track will be going under the Tron area and there fore keep the basic route. (More precisely the Tron tracks will be going over the railroad.)

    I do not think the route will change much at all and here’s why:

    You can clearly see in the photo is that the tracks leading up to the Tron coming in on both sides have not changed at all, just sort of “cut off”. And if they were going to re-route the tracks it would have been done by now and most likely the full railroad route would be back open.

    Finally if you look at the original renderings of the MK Tron ride the railroad track is in the same spot! It actually goes through the two main canopy areas. So with all due respect, I think this guy is wrong!

    1. Andrew P

      Two major things wrong with this article:

      1. Typos throughout article
      2. Suspended belief of the possibility of a tunnel in the same exact location

  2. How about if Disney finishes the railroad and TRON finally?!!! They are so slow.

    1. Traci

      I believe the shutdown played a big part in this slow down.

  3. Dustin Bollnow

    I do miss the railroad. I think the track will remain, but there will probably be a tunnel over the tracks. I could be wrong on that. Overall, I do miss riding the train.

  4. The Disney Railroad is the icon of the Magic Kingdom. Whatever needs to be done to keep it running just do it and have it ready for the 50th Celebration! It represents the backbone and pillars that hold up Disney. You cannot celebrate 50 years of magic without it. It was Walt Disney’s passion and dream before anything else came about. It represents the true meaning of what Disney stands for. Respect his legacy by completing the work needed by his 50th Celebration of a place where only dreams really can come true.

    1. Vincent Caminiti

      I with you Carol! The Railroad was part of Walt’s dreams and vision. The history of this now behemoth company must not be forgotten. We always ride the RR at WDW to pay homage to the Man and his legacy. To all the ‘suits’ in their cubicles at Disney main offices.. HURRY UP! And get the RR done!

      1. Nick

        Well, it’s great that you “always ride the RR to pay homage” to Walt, but that couldn’t have happened in a few years since it shut down the beginning of December 2018.
        The rest of us pay homage to Walt by paying for admission to WDW.
        I personally ride the RR (and anything else) for no other reason than that I like riding it.

    2. Nick

      Keep dreaming! Maybe you can’t celebrate 50 years of magic without the RR but everyone else will because with only 2 month left it’s pretty obvious that the RR (or Tron) won’t be open for the 50th Anniversary.

  5. SG

    The anniversary, 18 months long, goes through to April 2023. They’ll most likely be done by end of the 50th anniversary celebration. I’d plan on going later than sooner and should make reservations asap.

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