What Does Disney Do With Fireworks They Can’t Set Off?

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With fireworks returning to the Disney World theme parks, many Guests cannot wait to see the night sky light up again with the tunes and magic of Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom and the stunning fireworks of EPCOT Forever at EPCOT. But, there are instances in which Disney will have to cancel their show and then run the whole thing in private!

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When Disney experiences inclement weather during fireworks, there is always a chance that they will have to delay or cancel the show. If the rain is too heavy to set off fireworks or there is lightning, Disney cannot proceed with their nighttime spectaculars.

Disney will often try and delay the show for as long as possible so that Guests can still see the fireworks; however, there are times when the weather does not let up before the theme park closes, and Guests cannot see the show that evening. But when that happens, what does Disney do with all of the pre-loaded fireworks?

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Well, even when the show is canceled, the fireworks always goes on — but Guests may not always be around to see it. Disney cannot use fireworks that were loaded the previous day, so as soon as the weather allows for it on the same evening, Disney will run the firework show without any Guests there to watch.

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So even if there is just one Cast Member left in the park, if the weather allows for fireworks to shoot off at that time, they will likely be getting a private show of whatever firework spectacular was meant to air earlier that evening! Although instances like this are unfortunate for Guests who attended the Park that day, I am glad that there are Cast Members who may, at times, get to enjoy that extra bit of magic at the end of their day. If Disney does not load any fireworks due to weather, however, then there would not be any fireworks that need to be shot off.

So, if you ever have a firework show canceled while at one of the Disney World theme parks, know that depending on what Resort you are staying at and what time you stay awake, you may see some fireworks for yourself! 

Did you know that Disney does this? Have you ever seen fireworks go off at any Disney Park much later in the evening after Guests leave? 

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