Comments for Frustrated Disney Guests Burst Into Song While Stuck on Popular Ride

Guests stuck on Mine Train and Mine Train in action

Credit: @ironicism TikTok (left) / Disney (right)


  1. Michelle

    You’d think they would have put on heigh ho.

    1. Laura


  2. It’s too bad the video the entire story is based on isn’t working at all.
    Nothing to see here folks!

  3. brian j starr

    “The Whitest thing I have ever participated in”?

    What does that mean, exactly? I’m sincerely curious.

    1. Timothy Hilling

      Same here. Thought that comment was uncalled for as well!!

      1. Mark Kaplan

        Ignorant people like him and BLM are the reason why this world is broken. They are the reason why there’s division.

        1. Bee

          Disagree. I think it’s one side calling the other side names, such as “ignorant” that further divides this country. Look in the mirror before being judgmental. ?

    2. Michael

      The comment is just keeping in line with CRT.

  4. Marlene Jagot

    That’s what scares me about coaster rides, getting stuck. Luckily the only one that had a lengthy pause for me has been It’s A Small World.

  5. Skilar R Earhart

    Wow the whitest thing wow wow ?. I am white but would never say that. Ever

  6. Barb Browe

    Yes! My husband and two friends were stuck on the cable car over the water coming from Hollywood to Epcot. Disney compensated us for the “Adventure”.

  7. Sherri Faber

    A few weeks ago, we were stuck on “Dinosaur” when it broke down. Sitting in one place, thrashing around as the meteor shower continued, with the Carnitaurus looming overhead was not particularly fun for my 8 and 10 year-old grand-children. It eventually started and stopped again, again near the next Carnitaurus. They won’t soon forget that trip- it was their first to Disney World. We know things happen but I have been going for years and never experienced something like that. We still love it but hope maintenance is stepped up after being closed so long.

  8. Amanda

    On our daughter’s first night of her first trip to WDW we became trapped on The Jungle Cruise when 4 boats ahead of us got stuck due to a boat derailing. We remained on the ride from 8-9pm and it was HOT. The little motors on those things really generate the heat! We received 2 fast passes but didn’t know how to use them until our last day. Disnoobs!

  9. Bruce

    Hearing that song would make me crawl off the ride

  10. TacoCat

    At least it wasn’t a Cardi rap song.

  11. Ben

    “White people stuck on a ride at Disney World”
    “The whitest thing I have ever participated in”
    Just wondering… if “white” was replaced by “black”, would this be seen as one of the absolute most racist and awful things put on the Internet this week?

  12. Polly

    In 2012 we were at WDW and we were on The Haunted Mansion ride. My husband and I were in one cart and our teenage son was in another cart. The ride stopped three times and at the third time some teenagers behind us started stomping their feet to “We will rock you” and soon everyone was singing.

    1. CJA

      Last time we went to WDW we got stuck in the Haunted Mansion as well; right in the middle of the dining room scene. My husband got a little claustrophobic in the Doom Buggy, but I finally got to see every little scenario and was happy I did.

  13. Vicky

    Leaving Epcot, on our October 2017 trip, Spaceship Earth was a walk on. Our older son was begging us to go on so we decided to “ride it real quick”…then of course it got stuck. while we were at the very top. for over 45 minutes. The regret was real. Grateful I had brought my baby carrier for my youngest so carrying him down was easier on me but my poor husband had to carry our oldest who has a disability….what a memorable night that was. And I have had zero desire to get back on that ride ever since.

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