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  1. Bryan

    Disney can do what they want . They are a private company.

    But they better not expect any kind of money from me or from any anti maskers if they start requiring mask again. I am not paying a lot of money to be wearing a mask.

    This isn’t about science anymore it’s about control. We have a vaccine. If y’all don’t get it don’t be blaming anybody else

    1. Drew

      Exactly! And good luck motivating new people to get vaccinated when you take away the incentives to do so!

    2. Drew

      Exactly! And good luck motivating new people to get vaccinated (or a future booster) when you take away the incentives to do so!

  2. Christian

    It’s a big no from me! Unfortunately, I bet both orange counties will cave with mandates and Disneyland/Disney World will not have much of a choice.

    But if it’s within Disney’s power, I do NOT think they should change the guidelines. Disney Parks are not a grocery store. No one NEEDS to go. If you are low risk and are willing to chance exposure, you should be welcome to enjoy the park without a mask. Wear a mask if you want and if it makes you comfortable. We all should be social distancing because personal space is personal space.

    I have a trip planned to Disneyland, but if they require masks indoors in October when I go, I will have to re-evaluate if I’ll still go. I might considering it’s indoors only, but if it ever went back to masks everywhere including outside in the eat, I’m out.

    1. Chris

      Orange County, California isn’t likely to cave, they are pretty much the polar opposite of Orange County, FL’s mayor.

      Not saying they wouldn’t, but that it is very unlikely.

    2. Fight Liberals

      no masks Christian period …no this half way bs

  3. Chris

    Unless state or local rules require masks, Disney would be shooting themselves in the foot to do so.

    They may go the route of Legoland out here in California and recommend, but not require them to be worn.

    Additionally, I know the CMs were tired of being the mask police and I think any new mask requirements would see them demanding a temporary pay increase of at least 50% to deal with the headaches again.

    1. Bryan

      I’m prepared to go back to the beach and to places that don’t ever enforced the mask mandate if they reinstate the masks at theme parks.

  4. DD

    If masks come back, I’ll cancel my next trip and spend my vacation dollars elsewhere. A Disney trip costs too much to be miserable the whole time just to please the virtue signalers.

  5. Au

    No thanks, we’ve already been there and it didn’t change anything. Big no from me.

  6. Jin

    Odd for such a serious pandemic, Disney world remains open. That’s cute.

    1. Mandy

      We have a trip planned for December in Florida. We put off taking the kids during the previous mask mandates and will not take them if it comes back. I’d rather cancel, I’m not sticking my children in masks, even for Disney world. Not spending that kind of money to mask up, it’s absurd. Desantis is doing great so far with fighting for it to be an option so I hope Disney world thinks more about money here than virtue signaling lol

  7. Peter

    Only let vaccinated in. End of story. Let the unvaccinated work it out with each other . Survival of the fittest

    1. Merry

      Great idea…talk about incentive!

  8. Chris

    I read in the Science journal that many people have a mask fetish, so they try to fight to keep the mandates going.

  9. Merry

    Florida is currently a hot bed for Covid. Requiring masks is saving lives. Refusing to wear one is just selfish. Living life with no regard for others. I’m Covid nurse from New York visiting in August. I put hundreds on ventilators and watched countless die. Happy to wear a mask if it means potentially saving a life. This is not political, it is common sense. Disney is a private company and free to do whatever they want, but they are a liberal company and likely to follow CDC guidelines. If it means anti-maskers won’t be attending, I’ll happy enjoy the lower crowds. Good luck to everyone this fall.

    1. Chris

      I disagree, 95% of all new cases are the unvaccinated. They made a choice not to get vaccinated, time to live with the consequences of their choice and take personal responsibility for their actions.

      I am not here to protect your health, sorry, if you out me in charge of your health, there will be no smoking, no drinking alcohol, no sweets, nothing bad for you, you will get lots of exercise, etc.

      If you aren’t prepared for that, don’t ask me to wear a mask to protect you just because you chose not to get vaccinated.

      1. Merry

        I agree. Get vaccinated 100%. However. If you’re making the personal decision to not get vaccinated due to your own personal beliefs, at the very least we should care about other humans and wear the mask to protect others. Similar to smoking—- I’m not going to make you quit, but it’s human decency to not blow your cigarette smoke in someone else’s face.

      2. Alex

        What about kids who can’t get vaccinated?

    2. Sorry – 100% disagree. Refusing to get the shot is selfish. Why are we here again? Because it is 100% political and the idiots on the right have refused to believe the science, be it masking when the vaccines were not available or refusal to get the shot now that they are. These guidelines are coming out to protect those who refuse to get vaccinated. I’m not helping people who refuse to help themselves. I wore my mask everywhere from day one, did the right things, social distanced and stayed home. Sorry I have no interest in supporting those who were not smart enough to do the same thing.

      1. Bryan

        It’s not that anyone is refusing to believe the science, it’s that we can look at data and make a choice. In the history of medicine, no one has succefully created a Covid vaccine until now. Now suddenly not just 1 company broke the code, they all did simultaneously. That doesn’t seem odd? So, we take that information add to it that there are no long-term studies to determine overall effication or detrimental side effects, and you are left at least skeptical. Then finally you see that this brand new drug is designed to protect you from an illness with a 99%+ recovery rate and you make a decision that you’re comfortable with. I can tell you that my decision at age 30 is probably different than at age 80. I wish people would stop belittling people who look at the data available and make decisions that are best for their circumstances and comfort level. I hope that there are no long-term consequences from the new vaccines and they work great and eventually maybe they fight the common cold and lots of other illnesses. But it’s still pretty early.

        1. Jordan

          The problem is that these people aren’t actually looking at the data, they are just not wanting to be told what to do and refusing to get vaccinated. If they don’t want to be vaccinated, then they need to be doing what they can from stopping the spread of this as much as they can, which means they shouldn’t be going out to places like this, wearing masks when out in public, and thoroughly clean things. I’m all for the freedom to choose, but the problem is that they are trying to make choices and the outcome of those choices. You can’t have it both ways and people refuse to see it that way.

  10. Geri

    This is all because anti-Vaxxers were not following the honor system. Can’t say I’m surprised. Get vaccinated or wear a mask.

    1. Fight Liberals

      geri stop passing your lunch real gas ..it reeks

  11. La La

    Actually many of of us feel quite the opposite. It is very likely we will cancel our upcoming vacation plans if some sort of structure of social distancing and/or indoor face covering doesn’t return. We have to consider the fact that our children under 12 aren’t vaccinated yet, and for those who really don’t care at all about children’s health…many fully vaccinated individuals are still getting very sick from the delta variant. Luckily those people are at least going to stand a better shot at survival. I understand perfectly well how the heat can be brutal outdoors, i’m from southeastern Louisiana…I get it. However, there is no reason to not reinstate some sort of indoor masking/distancing rule. It would be ridiculous to attempt to force proof of vaccination status for every single guest at every point of entry of every indoor structure, and obviously a lot of people are still refusing to comply with a simple request. No vacation is worth this kind of risk for us, especially one that can be as costly as this one.

    1. Matt


    2. SKH

      I agree with you. We are up in the air about next week pending if they do put any social distancing back in place. Some of these adults are not thinking about the kids who aren’t able to be vaccinated yet. We went last August with masks and social distancing, and even in the heat it was absolutely wonderful! I hope they at least reinstate social distancing in lines, and masking indoors. I’m vaccinated and hate the idea of having to wear a mask on my trip, but to protect my family from those who refuse the vaccination and refuse to wear masks, I absolutely will. I am all about the right to choose for the vaccination, but if you don’t want the vaccination than mask up! My 3 year old can wear one all day long without complaining.

      1. Fight Liberals

        sound off like liberal sheep skh…liberal garbage

    3. Kelly

      I totally agree. I have reservations to Disneyland in August, but will cancel if they don’t bring back masks. My 10 year old is too young to be vaccinated. Delta is no joke and Disneyland has an obligation to keep their guests and cast members safe. Wearing a mask is not a big inconvenience. I’ve noticed that kids seem to have no problem with them. It’s only adults making it a big deal. My kids play sports outside all Summer in California in masks. If they can do it, the adults can also do it.

      1. Fight Liberals

        unbeilanle that your allowed to care for children with a liberal mind …that’s what’s scary not delta

    4. Jac

      I agree wholeheartedly!

  12. Robert

    NO MASKS….
    This is America, what happened freedom and the people who died fighting for that. If your vaccinated your fine, the government is lying to you. They lied before, they’re lying now. DO NOT, DO NOT be deceived!!!!

    1. Ask the 600,000 dead Americans if they have been deceived.

      1. Fight Liberals

        your low brow Chris and what is all wrong with this country

    2. Josh

      Lol. Do you understand how insane you sound? How disrespectful you are being to the countless healthcare workers who work day in and day out to save lives. Since when is a vaccination political??? I can almost guarantee you are vaccinated for the 20+ diseases. Why now is it such a problem? You’d rather stand by your political party and potentially die or indirectly kill someone than just get a shot. Get a grip. Americans have become self- serving and delusional.

  13. Candace

    That’s a hard no for me! The mask is what made me sick last year with pneumonia. New surgical/medical mask, not a cloth one. Because of that when I got COVID earlier this year it hit me harder because it settled in my lung that was still healing. I was given Ivermectin which kept me out of the hospital. My Kaiser dr didn’t do Jack either case. It was a family friend who’s a dr. He found the pneumonia, and then helped not just me, but my family and several friends and got workers who got COVID with ivermectin. I thought things would have changed with the leak of flip flopping Fauci emails. But instead they are pressing them even more. Things just don’t add up with this whole situation. I have a recommendation, CLOSE the Borders!!!! I have a feeling the spike came from all the undocumented illegals that are being placed in various places…..

  14. May

    I’m going soon (and am so excited!!) so I hope they start to require masks again. with this variant and especially because florida has such high rates it makes me nervous for those who aren’t vaccinated…

  15. Ha

    If they impose another mask mandate, I’ll cancel my Disneyland and Disney World reservations so fast, it’ll make this heads spin.

  16. Allison

    I’m just curious and not saying if I fall on one “side” or another, but why in the world are people so vicious towards each other about this vaccine, yet no one says a peep to or about those who choose not to get the flu vaccine? Nobody rants and raves and goes off on individuals who choose not to get the flu shot, but the level of hate between the two “sides” regarding the Covid vaccine is astounding. I’m pretty sure the death rates world-wide for flu and Covid are about the same, yes? And honestly, the flu shot is FDA-approved but the Covid shot is not, isn’t that correct? People have the choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate. Period. And as far as masks go (again, I’m not saying if I am or am not a “masker”), there’s been so much flip-flopping and back and forth over the last year and a half over whether they’re effective or not, I personally am just exhausted. And the media doesn’t help!!

    1. Also Alison

      Actually, if you look at data you’ll see you are quite wrong in your assessment (although I’m pretty sure you know that already). In 2019 the U.S. death rate from flu is estimated to be between 24,000-62,000. In 2020 the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 was upwards of 415,000. Data also shows that the rate of transmission is 3-5 times greater with covid19 than the seasonal flu. . This is not including the delta variant which is even more contagious than previously seen. And while the numbers and studies are pretty new and small batched there is also growing proof that COVID-19 leaves more serious long term effects than seen in previous flu patients. Be whatever “side” you like but don’t let that cloud your judgement and accept or spread misinformation and/or ignorance.

  17. Alex

    so glad the indoor mask mandate is back.

    now all these plague rat families can cancel their vacations like they all swear they will. keep their covid out of the parks and ill get a shorter wait time on peter pan’s flight. win/win!

    thanks disney!

    1. Darth Obvious

      Enjoy trying to breathe that hot, humid Florida Summer air through that sweat-soaked rag across your face for hours on end. Sounds like a magical day!

    2. Fight Liberals

      shut it liberal puke

  18. Jac

    I’m so glad masks will be coming back at Disneyland! Yay!! ♥️♥️

    1. Me

      YAY, suffocation !!!!

    2. Fight Liberals

      Jac …shut it liberal

  19. Chris

    Nope. Not going now that they’re back.

  20. Dominic

    Just FYI – if you do decide to come, most of our hospitals are in the Red zone, so that means you can expect to wait… and wait if you don’t have a very urgent emergency. Living here, I’m going to pass until this virus dies down. It’s really hot outside and while I have no problems wearing a mask to run errands, I’m not going out of my way to wear one in the brutal Florida heat around thousands of strangers.

  21. Lorin Partain

    We have known for 100 years that mask do not work and do NOTHING !! Suddenly we are back in the 1920s again. No company that wants to force this nonsense on anyone is getting one red cent of my money. There are theme parks that think their customers should make their own choices out there and many other things to do. Haven’t been to Disney in a long time and you know what? Wallet is fatter for it!! The only way they are gettin my family back is if they bring back Walt. lol

  22. Lindsey

    I’m actually really surprised that Disney doesn’t require all guests to have masks on at all times, and no longer social distances in lines, and doesn’t check for proof of vaccination. If they did even one of these things it would make the justification of relaxing the other two more understandable, but to just take people’s word for it that they are vaccinated and then not require masks at all times nor require social distancing is really dangerous. My husband and I spend a lot of money at Disney every year and we just bought two Dream Keys. However we will not being activating them until our one yr old son can get vaccinated. I can’t justify standing in a non-socially distanced line with him to get on a ride even if the line is outdoors with children’s hospitalization rates spiking as they are. He cannot wear a mask or get vaccinated due to his age. It’s both surprising and disappointing that with all the money people spend to enjoy Disney every year that Disney can’t even do their part to ensure people are safe and being safe towards each others health. Disney is supposedly a company that values families and children but this lack of initiative to implement smart COVID protocol seems to suggest otherwise.

    1. Fight Liberals

      liberal puke

    2. Fight Liberals

      Lindsey …stop the whine and go back to your hers of cats …stay home ..don’t vote and keep your deranged thoughts to yourself…its not Disneys problem to keep people home like liberals

  23. Fight Liberals

    Disneyland can FFF their mask policy…stop spending money to be controlled by the liberal agaenda… boycott the place and make them feel financial pain and maybe common sense and real magic can be restored…Covid is not as dangerous as the greedy medical profession and suppliers have brainwashed you sheep into believing….stop going to Disneyland until they drop the ridiculous liberal mandates

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