Most Disney Guests Do NOT Want Mask Rules to Change, Despite CDC Recommendations

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Mask requirement sign at Disney World

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The Disney Parks have undergone a lot of changes and progress since reopening their respective parks during the pandemic, but it seems that some steps that were recently taken forward may be taken back shortly.

Guests wearing face masks at disneyland resort
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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort both ended mask mandates for fully vaccinated Guests and Cast Members. In doing this, many Guests were happy to see the mandates leave, as many were waiting until their faces could be seen in pictures (or they were concerned about wearing masks while visiting a hot theme park) before booking their vacation. However, this was before the Delta variant becoming a rising concern.

We recently discussed how Orange County in Florida is currently in a “crisis mode” due to the increase of positive COVID-19 cases being reported. Now, the CDC has officially announced that they once again recommend that people wear masks indoors, even if they are fully vaccinated. Additionally, both Orange County, Florida (where Disney World is located) and Orange County, California (where Disneyland is located) are areas of high transmission of COVID-19 — including the Delta variant — per the CDC.

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Typically, we had seen Disney change their rules according to CDC guidelines when it came to allowing Guests to remove their face coverings, so now that the CDC is once again recommending for everyone — including those who are fully vaccinated — to wear face masks indoors, it will be interesting to see if Disney will implement the rule at their theme parks. Because Disney Parks are private property, they can implement a face mask rule based on CDC guidelines, even if it is not a rule in place in the state or county. However, if the county in which the theme parks are located requires face masks to be worn indoors by everyone, then it is likely that Disney Parks will amend their rules, too, as we have seen in the past.

Knowing what the CDC is recommending, we wanted to check in with our readers to see their opinions on the subject. On Facebook, we posed the question:

Based on the latest CDC guidance, do you want Disney Parks to require face masks indoors again?

Although there were, of course, mixed opinions, it seems that the majority of Disney fans do not want to see mask mandates return, regardless of CDC recommendations.

Mandy P. wants the choice to be optional.

Absolutely not
If you want to wear it then go ahead
If you don’t then don’t
Should be up to you

Latricia B. would rather see capacity decrease again.

No masks….lower capacity instead

Ruth T. posed a concern about the Florida heat.

We were just there with no mask requirement and it was blistering hot. I cannot imagine wearing a mask and being able to enjoy yourself. We are all vaccinated and washed our hands constantly.

disney face masks sign
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Aimee T., like many others, is on team no mask.

Absolutely NOT!!

James C. will not be at the parks if masks are required.

Will not return until they are not required

Melissa C. had a great Disney vacation without her mask.

NO! just came back from our Disney vacation and it was amazing.

disney masks kids
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There are many more comments on the post of many Disney fans exclaiming “NO” in various ways, so much so that the few who did say “Yes” are a lot harder to find. That being said, some Guests do want to see the CDC recommendations put in action at the Disney Parks.

Carol C. said:

Yes anything to help stop the spread of Covid!

Mike S. thinks that Disney will reinstate their indoor mask mandate.

they absolutely will, and people will complain, and then still not get vaccinated.

disneyland face masks
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At the time of this article’s publishing, Disney has yet to make any changes to their mask mandate requirements. At the moment, masks are not required for fully vaccinated Guests unless riding on Disney transportation (bus, Monorail, Disney Skyliner).

What do you think? Based on the latest CDC guidance, do you want Disney Parks to require face masks indoors again?

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