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  1. Denise

    I’ve experienced exactly what you described in your post above. Attempted to purchase multiple times with the same error message/screenshots that you have shared. I bypassed the typical IVR system to get through to a “real” person by choosing the phone prompts to speak with someone to book a Disney vacation package. I have reached a live person, but he has me on hold to check into what, if anything, he can do to help. I’ve currently got about 15 of those pending charges across two different credit cards. *Fingers crossed* that I actually did get tickets and this will all get sorted out soon!

  2. Cassie

    I have three pending purchases happened exactly like described was in queue at opening got in tried to make my purchase around 945 am and got the error. Tried two more times one almost seemed like it was going circling for a bit then never completed. I have no emails for confirmation but three pending charges. Can’t continue to try with that pending and left wondering. Tried calling the lines for support and they kept dropping or hanging up being too busy. I’m finally in the phone queue and so far been holding for over 20 mins

    1. Brittany

      Remember, if you have problems with a purchase that involves billing disputes for credit cards or errors for debit cards, contact your credit or debit card issuer right away. You can also contact the seller, but don’t lose time with a slow process that could push you outside your legal protections for working with your credit or debit card issuer. This is generally 60 days. If that doesn’t work, report it to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

  3. Bre

    Same thing happened to me. Error screen, pending charge and no confirmation email. Hope to get a confirmation email soon!

  4. L. Leonardo

    I have been in the queue for going on 3 hours. It still says the approximate wait time is “more than an hour”. The time hasn’t changed one. We are experiencing this on 4 different devices.

    1. SD

      Same for me. And when I call to see if I can get some help that way, busy signal.

  5. Micky

    I am still on a “more than an hour” screen and have been in the same spot since the launch at 9am. Purchasing Disney event tickets has turned into an all day event itself! Hopefully Disney is currently working on a solution for the issue.

  6. asara

    Same issue here. I have been a multiple devices, my sister has been on her devices, and we both have not been past the 1 hour wait time. Going on three hours.

  7. Mad Dad

    I got the error code multiple times and now have 7 pending credit card postings. Disney phone lines are busy. Emailed Disney ticketing. Called my credit card. I hope Disney figures this out.

  8. Page Ogata

    I’ve been waiting 5.5 hours with no update. Multiple devices are showing the same result. Tried calling Disney and their recording says that “Oogie Boogie Bash tickets are only available for purchase online.” When you try to speak with any kind of ticketing representative, you are disconnected after hearing a message asking you to call back “to allow guests who have been waiting to speak to a representative” to do so.

    1. dan

      we logged in at 9am pst and just were able to purchase right before 3pm. As far as i can see, all of the dates are still open. I even reached out to a 3rd party authorized retailer that stated unless going with in a few days of halloween, they wont sell out for a few weeks.

  9. Brooks

    I got through the line this morning but got the error page and then a pending charge with no confirmation email. I’ve been on hold on the phone now for four hours. Does anyone have any insight on this??

  10. Sharon St Clair

    Disney is going downhill fast not worth the money or time

  11. Charlene

    yet, disney orlando can sell out runDisney 10k today within an hour flawlessly

  12. DK

    I got in super early and it seemed like a smooth transaction until I got that error. My card was charged and still no confirmation. Disney should be prepared for this yet they were not. The same thing happened when they re-opened. I’m disappointed as a fan and now that I think about it, I don’t care if I get them or not. Disney can’t fix their problems so why should I invest any more time. They need to hire more help and answer their phones. I can’t reach them.

    1. Cameron

      I’ve been on hold for 3 hours to get the money back on my debit card. This was after being charged twice yesterday and receiving nothing. Calling yesterday led to a Verizon alert that the person receiving the call had purposely shut down their phone lines. Currently have the FTC fraud report screen up in another window.

  13. Tena

    I was online in the queue for 8 hours before I was able to buy tickets. My daughter was also in-line for 8 hours. But we finally got our tickets.

  14. Joseph P

    I was finally able to purchase tickets around 6 pm after having the page running all day.

  15. shauna kennedy

    Was in the line 8 hours – finally got to buy – error message – tried to call Disney – have not gotten through – have charges on credit card – I hope to I can get some assistance.

  16. Jfam

    Why are people using multiple devices to secure these, that’s exactly how you overload the system.


    Yeah, I’ve tried to purchase two tickets for this event about 5 times yesterday and 3 times today and I get an alert that my card was charged via text alerts that I’ve set up, but then I get an error message that states “Your payment information could not be authorized. Please review your information and try again.” It’s August, I would think that this would’ve been fixed by now. It’s so frustrating. I’ve tried two different payment methods thinking that there was something wrong with the card, but no, it’s their site.

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