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destination d23 sold out


  1. CP

    This makes me so angry! We bought a gold d23 membership just to get tickets to the event. I logged in at 1:00 was placed in the line and when I got in at 1:11 it was sold out! Total waste of $120 for the gold membership.

    1. Brad

      My hunch is that tickets were pre-sold to corporate insiders.

    2. Brad

      Try being Canadian. I paid another $50 in shipping which, with the exchange rate, brought it to over $200. But I’m in it for the $50 magazine lol.

  2. JS

    I am in the same position you are. I purchased the annual Gold Family membership for this opportunity. Very disappointed.

    1. Susan

      I’m am very very angry as well! I was waiting… signed on at 101pm- watch the person walking- then less then 20 minutes later said sold out. I’m huge Disney fan- very shocked how this was handled- Disney’s always handles things with such class- shocking! . I have seen pictures & read about other ones – this was first one we could attend & then go see Mickey . They should have done something- so disappointed in Disney

  3. Tt

    I was logged in before 1:00pm. Waited for the walking man and got in at 1:15. Had tickets in my cart and as I entered payment a bar popped up on top of screen that tickets were sold out. Ridiculous. I am strongly considering canceling my membership

  4. Tamara

    And yet people still pay Disney for nothing in return..

  5. Taz

    I refreshed my page a couple times at 1:00pm (after I verified my time with world clock) and got into the virtual queue. I saw the little running man go and thought it would take a while. Thankfully he was quick and I paid for my preferred seats at 1:03. I understand people are upset, but this is the first big experience “post” COVID and people were excited. I don’t know how reliable the source is, but I was told they only had 1100 tickets available.

  6. Brad

    My hunch is that tickets were pre-sold to corporate insiders.

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