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Magic Kingdom crowds

Credit: Anonymous Disney Guest


  1. KenG

    Really? As if this hasn’t been the way at Disney parks for decades and they are surprised by this? Whether it’s at Disneyland waiting for a tram, MK, Epcot…etc. if you CHOOSE to leave right after the fireworks YES it will be all backed up to get on transportation!

    Common sense!

    If you CHOOSE to have dinner at 5:30 or 6:00pm instead of eating slightly earlier or later, it will be extremely busy at the food places!

    Common sense!

    Wait a half hour until most of the crowd clears out! How are is that?

    Common sense!

    1. David Leung

      Those people think they are VIPs.

      1. Jamie

        Best plan for after the fire works. Get some ice cream or something from Starbucks then find a place to sit and people watch. Wind down enjoying your snack for an hour or so then head out to the buses and boats.

        1. Donnell SherylSheryl Pietrick Donnell

          LOL!I guess these people complaining have never had a problem immediately leaving after going to a concert or sporting event. Seriously, a total lack of common sense. We always got a late snack and drink and hung out going over our day, looking at each others pics, people watching, etc. We do the same thing at all big events. Even leaving after the opera the parking garages are backed up for 45 minutes easy. Disney is not to be done in a day or two. It’s that mindset that causes people to get overly stressed. There is so much to do, plan out what’s most important and plan several days. If you don’t find some time to just stand people watch or sing and dance with your kids each day you are doing it wrong. It’s no fun as a forced march.

      2. Shane P Dalton

        Well let’s see, if everyone is trying to pile out the park at the same time, ah yeah its a nightmare. Guess what, nothing new. I guess people think they are special. This is why we would always sit a little and let the rush calm down. This is nothing new. May be a little worse now but nothing new.

      3. Ginny Ravenhall

        What do they expect. It is always rush hour,after the fireworks show is over

    2. James Jones

      Thank you

      1. Stupid people ?

    3. Shark

      Bunch of “Karen’s” complaining about their lack of privileges. Take off your rose colored glasses and deal with the realities of the world.

    4. Cassandra Ocampo

      I left at 5 and Transportation was a nightmare then I have common sense thank you have some respect calling people names come on

      1. KenG

        All I can tell you is after 62 years of experience going to Disney parks it has always been a crush of guests trying to get onto transportation at certain times, but especially after the fireworks.
        My first time at Disneyland was 1959 (2 years old) and while I don’t recall how it was then I have decades of experience leaving Disneyland after the fireworks to get on a tram and it was packed. This is both before they had California Adventure and then years later when you needed to take the tram back to the parking structure. (We needed up walking most of the time).

        I have been to Disney World numerous times usually staying at one of their hotels and it is the same – from MK or Epcot or another park. Certain times it is hugely crowded.
        That being said I watch several YouTubers at the Disney World parks over the last year and most of the time they have no trouble getting on transportation EXCEPT right after the fireworks or park closing. Sometimes around later afternoon guests are park hopping so it can get busier as well. (One YouTuber, TheTimTracker experienced this after seeing the fireworks on the first night they had the show a couple weeks ago and because they were staying at the Grand Floridian he just walked the path back to the resort.)

        Last time I was there was the week of 4th of July in 2014 and yes, at times it was hectic to get on transportation, but again we would wait 30 minutes or so for things to clear up and it was fine.
        Yes I get that right now they do not have the full staff AND keep in mind the Epcot monorails have not yet reopened (I think next week) so that is going to stress the system more.
        But again, if folks just hold back and enjoy the park for another 30-45 minutes it will be much better.
        That is what I mean by common sense – and you need that visiting any theme park in mid-summer!

        If you had some personal issues as you indicated below while at the park (and sorry that you did), that is not the fault of Disney and perhaps you need to reevaluate when you go to a theme park and go at less busy times instead of mid-July on a hot and humid Florida day.

        1. Jen


        2. Joe

          I always find late october a good time. Kids are back in school and it is slightly cooler. Parks close a little earlier, but much less stress.

      2. Wenawen

        Everyone leaves after the fireworks!! Nothing new here. Trying to create drama.

        1. Sy

          Yes, but two hour wait only happens a few times a year. Usually it is 30-60 minutes.

        2. Joe leslie Bowler

          I always moo like a cow….

      3. Joe Blow

        There is a reason why Disney built a walkway unfortunately idots would rather stand in line for a tram!

        1. Ks

          But a walk way only to the contemporary or bar lake…….. some still have to take transportation to other resorts. That’s why we almost always book at bay lake if there is availability.

      4. Mark Wallace

        Kinda told on yourself there didn’t you, hold on I’ll get the manager.??

      5. Henrietta Geres

        The parks are busy no matter what time you leave. These tourist in a rush need to have patience and if you’re not a tourist but a resident shame on you! You should know better by now.

    5. Joe Blow

      We took the walkway from Magic Kingdom to Transportation and ticket center and beat everyone waiting for the tram….love to laugh at those people waiting for the tram! Suckers!

    6. Brian

      Disney needs another way to leave the magic Kingdom. We haven’t watched fireworks in years due to it taking like two hours to leave park after. Add a Skyliner there. Would help.

      1. Ariel

        They just added a walk way from mk to the. Poater above you just said they beat everyone waiting for the monorail by walking.

    7. Carlos

      Disney parks suck at customer service,
      They have not made any improvements to their parks since they opened them. They only give priority to people that pay extra money to get ahead of the line!

    8. Jeanette Motyka

      Well we waited 2 hrs till the crowd went down not 30 min and it took still over an hour in line for the monorail and to walk thru the parking lot. Not 30 minutes. Social distancing was a joke.

  2. This has been the way things are for decades. If you really want to leave right after fireworks, position yourself near the park entrance so that you can run to the bus stop. We sit down on a bench and people watch after the fireworks. Watching the mass exodus and glad we aren’t in the sea of humanity is how we approach this. If you don’t like crowds, come during the off season.

    1. Sarah

      Is this their first time there? Its never NOT been a nightmare at the end of the night getting out of the Magic Kingdom. I dread it but I’d still do it 🙂

      1. Henery

        Walkway is faster

    2. Mipo

      Exactly! Just relax and enjoy the ambience while everyone is stressed out trying to get out in a mass exodus. Besides you have better photo ops in an almost empty park.

  3. Tiffany

    This is just nuts. They should make soooooooo many more jobs in the transportation department of the park, but haven’t solved that since the park expanded.

    1. Disney is hiring but nobody wants to work Bc they got more money sitting on there butts at home. And only now down here they stopped that. Plus not the many people want to work for Disney. It’s not the great of a place to work for. Most only work there for the free comp tickets.

      1. Graz

        I’m a castmember and happen to also be a bus driver,I didn’t take the job for the free tickets,they just turned the system over,its been difficult to hire qualified people,they’re short over 400+ drivers,this is why they’ve contracted out to Atlantic Express

    2. Hillary

      Right? Like Disney is professional crowd control and. they can’t get people out when it’s time to leave?

  4. David Leung

    As if it was going to be a surprise?

    1. Jamie

      We went Monday night…july 12th 2021. We waited almost 2 hours for the ferry boat witnessed a huge fight. I mean mosh pit brawl..cops and security finally got there to remove the 2 instigators but huge nightmare.

    2. Ronald

      A year ago, it would be called a super spreader event. And since only half of those people are vaccinated, it still is.

      1. Mike G

        Yet we are not seeing any huge increase in cases. It’s like outdoor transmission was non existent this whole time.

        1. Carol L Gomel

          Are you kidding me? 1 in 5 new Covid cases in the United States is in Florida.

          1. KennyVee

            Yeah, double the cases in the past three weeks because unvaccinated people are pretending the new “if you’re vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask” means that “if you just don’t care about other people you don’t have to wear a mask” and acting like things are back to normal because they are not smart people and tens/thousands of hundreds more are going to die as a result of their hubris.

            And Mike G pretends cases aren’t rising at HUGE proportions because they live with their head in the ground. Mike G is one of the people responsible for the continued spread, and they just don’t give a damn. They are a shining example of everything that is wrong with humanity.

  5. Cynthia

    Common sense is correct with the fact that it’s gonna take a little longer to get back if staying for fireworks! Nightmare is incorrect though. I’ve seen worse! I MUST GIVE A SHOUT OUT to the transportation busses for the mandatory masks on board! It was crowded as expected with everyone returning to the parks. Had a great 1st visit !!

    1. Cassandra Ocampo

      I left at 5 and Transportation was a nightmare then I have common sense thank you have some respect calling people names come on

      1. KennyVee

        What names did she call anyone? I’ll wait for you to point it out…this seems to be your boilerplate response without actually reading the comment to which you are responding, Cassandra (oops, I just called you by your own name…is that going to offend you because I called you Cassandra?).

  6. Bob Tennant

    We were there. Came up with a scheme. Took a bus to Art of Animation resort, then Ubered to our Hilton. If we had not done this, it would have taken us hours and hours.

    1. Shark

      Yup common sense. Great idea

    2. Stephanie Pena

      We left halfway through the show…I knew it was going to be madness and if you’ve seen one firework ,you’ve seen them all.

    3. Clyde breweur

      Never known it to not be a nightmare. It’s price you choose to pay in order to see fireworks. If you don’t want to wait than leave before fireworks start.

    4. Jeremy

      Sounds like these guests were lost. The busses don’t take you to the TTC or parking areas, only to Resorts, and they are marked. The only ways back to the TTC are the 500 passenger ferry boats, or the 300 person monorails. I suspect waiting around by the bus station would slow down your progress.

      1. Sy

        Former CM, don’t speak for brand or company. Disney will add bus service in addition to the monorail and ferry when demand exceeds capacity. It only happens a few times a year.

  7. Erin

    I was there that night and just sat around Main Street for about an hour and a half after fireworks and the bus lines were almost none existent. Just don’t leave right after fireworks. It has always been that way.

    1. Heather

      You’re so right

  8. Bob

    The Ferry Boat went down Friday Morning and the express monorail has been in and out of service. I’m sure that hasn’t helped. Also, a bus driver told us they are short about 600! Bus drivers from
    Pre-pandemic and they are working 6 day weeks. They are also short on trainers.

  9. So. Disneyland promises the Monorail as the transportation wave of the future but can’t provide suitable transportation in Todayland?
    Someone has been duped, and I’ll be damned it i wear mouse ears for that!

  10. RC

    Seems like a normal thing for a normal summer crowd. Oh, you mean you had to wait…how tragic!

    1. Shark

      Ha! That made me laugh.

  11. NS.
    We were there 7.8.21 – 7.12.21
    It did not feel so bad at the resorts. There were some places where there was an amazing amount of people. The bus to the park was fine. Everyone had a seat wore a mask. Then on the bus back there was all seats taken people were standing behind the driver all the way up stairs to the back. I was a bit freaked out.My grandchildren have sever asthma and so many people freaked me out. The first day we stayed until about 845 pm. We had to leave there were so many people waiting for the fireworks. Hopefully when we go next time in Oct. It will be better.

    1. Paps

      Lol. Better in October? That’s the start of the 50th year. Yeah, it’ll be better… haha!

  12. Chris

    I don’t understand why they were taking a bus from Magic Kingdom to the Ticket &
    transportation center? Didn’t think a bus was an option – only the ferry or the monorail. And why did it take 2 hours to get to their car once they got to the T&T? Where did they park? Nothing about this makes sense.

    1. Disneygal

      I was thinking the same thing. The busses don’t go to TTC. We usually go to the Emporium for last minute shopping and we avoid a lot of the crowd leaving right after the fireworks.

  13. Laura Powers

    Rookie! Lol!

    1. Kimbely

      Right. After working for Disney in college and going 4-5 times a year you need to know the tricks. Like Disney rule number one. BE PATIENT

  14. Grumpy Tigger

    Have been going to Disney for years and this has always been the norm why should waiting for transportation be any different could it that it was a long long day at the park and they were grumpy and tired?

  15. Tyrone

    Definitely a rookie! Seasoned Disney veterans know the deal going in….it is going to be crowded and yes a little crazy! For me that is just Disney!

    1. Kimberly

      Exactly. We love Disney. Sounds like my kids are more patient then her. They don’t complain about lines at Disney at all.

  16. PAlterBoy

    Always – ALWAYS – hang out in the park after the fireworks. Have a late night snack. Walk hand-in-hand and smooch a bit with your honey as you wander around a bit and see what it’s like at night with few people around. Chat with a couple of cast members. There are lots of families with little kiddos and elderly folks who need to get to bed. Let them go first while you enjoy the night.

  17. Taptap1

    Is the park even at full capacity yet? If not, what is this guy going to say then? Sounds like he is a rookie as far as staying late in the park. You can’t expect that many people leaving at once to not take time. We waited a least 2 hrs for the monorails on a normal basis when I was younger. It was expected.

  18. Cassie Ocampo

    It was horrifying! My first and last time to Disney . We left early I couldn’t breath I asked several people if there was a bus a taxi anything to take me to my car. I told them I was ready to pass out I couldn’t make it the Mile to my car . She pointed to a wheelchair. It was horrible . We rode no rides because of the 2 hour wait times went to order food had to do it from your cell phones . My phones reception was horrible it took over 30 minutes to order . It was so hot and so many people didn’t get to really see any characters. The staff were so rude . Happiest place on Earth for who . It was the most miserable place on earth for me . I will never come back . I ended up having to take a Nitro Pill as the staff sent me out in the parking lot with a kid to push me . I cane over 1000 miles to this . Come one Disney

    1. Paul W

      Sounds like you went in with a bad attitude. There are ways around all the problems you mentioned. Make dinner reservations on time, or even bring your own food to the park, it IS allowed. Get fast passes. Pay the extra fee to take a ride share instead of driving yourself.

      1. Angela Rogers

        I agree…she definitely went in with a bad attitude. Since she was a first timer, I understand not neccessarily knowing all the ins and outs of planning a trip to Disney. That’s why I suggest to ALL FIRST TIMERS…DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Watch vlogs, read articles, book with an experienced Disney Travel Agent who can give you all the tips and tricks so you can avoid that first time let down. And if you go in expecting that you will be let down, YOU WILL BE LET DOWN. And also, don’t expect the world to revolve around you…there are thousands of other people around you all trying to have fun and experience Disney, don’t be the reason they don’t!

    2. CaptainFun

      Now you know Disney Parks are not for you! Sounds like a great learning experience to me!
      For your next adventure outside, I highly recommend doing some advance research and planning so you will know what to expect! ?

  19. Cassie Ocampo

    It seems to me Disney needs to cut the admissions down and try to accommodate so many people if they don’t have the staff to do it . But instead they are packing it beyond compactly and turning there experiences into nightmares

  20. Erika Gail

    We went for the first time Tuesday July 13 to Disney world. I can honestly say I will NEVER book a Disney trip again. I understand in a world trying to return to a pre-pandemic lifestyle may be tough for businesses and establishments but our experience has defiantly changed our perspective on Disney. From the start, pulling into the parking terminal we had rude employees from asking about handicap parking vs preferred parking. I thought this was just a one attitude occurrence and I wasn’t going to let that deter my attitude or experience but unfortunately it continued. During security we were yelled at for the whole experience trying to check our stroller and bag and even split my two kids from me checking the stroller. Employees yelled at the children to keep moving that they couldn’t stand or wait for there mother who was still checking the stroller. I had to tell for the employee so my kids didn’t leave me in a MASSIVE crowd. There was no empathy for single parents trying to check strollers or bags. Why would they tell a 6 year old and 9 year old to keep moving and walk away from their parent! After security and finally arriving in Magic Kingdom our experience was just in awe of the castle. My 6 and 4 year old was ECSTATIC! We tried to take everything in but it was so crowded and nobody directing traffic on where to move in crowds. The two employees I saw outside walking from security checkpoint until finally in the castle was shocking. I felt it very unorganized and confusing to follow. I had opted in for the memory maker but unfortunately THREE photographers in the area for capturing those memories was insufficient on Disney’s part for the price that was paid. Every ride, every vendor for food and restaurant in the park was over 30-55 minutes and that being the short side of the wait. After nearly 4 hours of being in the park and only able to ride 3 rides with tired worn out kids we had left for recoup and naps. Trying to get out the park was just as chaotic. Employees attitudes and demeanor for the most Magical place on earth was lack lustering. It’s sad to say I see happier workers at grocery stores or McDonalds. After recouping we went back to Magical Kingdom, parking and security again I had to search for someone to ask where could I find transportation system to go to the other parks. The worker laughed and said you have to use your own transportation. There is no shuttle or bus to go from park to park. Unfortunately by this time it was 5:30/6 and one other park that we wanted to experience closed at 7. So we paid for park Hopper and under assumption we could use transportation from park to park which I WAS told when paying for parking at Magic Kingdom that we could take transportation to park at one park and I could go from there! So as the only parent with 3 children I was livid. I had made promises and been informed incorrect information from a TRUSTED employee! We then went through and stayed in Magic Kingdom since none of the other parks would have had adequate timing to get into the park! After the fireworks, which were remarkable we were left with a STAMPEDE of people. We eventually just went to the side and waiting for an hour for the crowds to clear a bit. But even then getting back to the ferry or tram was devastating. The amount of people I can take but the unclear on where to go was nerve wrecking. I couldn’t find a single employee but able to find string and roped off sections on where to go. This was insane! To be such an accredited establishment and to not have a more smooth flow or even ample amount of employees to fear the crowds was unbelievable. Our departure took 3 hours from moment trying to leave parks firework to finally actually getting out of Magic Kingdom first gates. Needless to say our Magical trip fell very flat. I am unsure whether it was timing of trip or just post-Covid world but the attitudes and lack of employees knowledge really made a devastating impact of a trip. I do not think I will return to Disney because of our experience.

  21. Tony

    I was there. We waited about 20 minutes after the fireworks and went to restroom, got kids in their PJ’S, and just took our time back to the busses back to Art of Animation. Yes it was busy. But it wasn’t bad at all. Maybe waited 10 or 15 minutes to get on a bus.

    1. Maurine

      I was also there the same night, and it was a huge crowd that felt a bit overwhelming, but it did get moving and there were several employees with light sticks directing the crowd. When we got to the buses, we only waited a few minutes. I was actually impressed they got us back to our hotel so quickly considering the crowds. That being said, this trip simply wasn’t as “magical” without fast passes or early magic hours, and several rides in MK broke down (we got stuck on splash mountain for almost a half hour and they had to manually release the bars and climb out one-by-one, pretty crazy). I won’t go back until these things change. We had a great time, but so much room for improvement right now. I was impressed with the buses though. Never waited long for one!

  22. KenG

    For those folks who are all in a bind over this here is some suggestions:

    1. As I said above, leave the park a bit later after the crowds, enjoy another ride or late night snack.

    “But I have young kids and want to get them to bed on time but still see the fireworks…”

    2. Walk out of the park prior to the fireworks and watch them from over by the ferry dock. You’ll be already in line and ready to go.

    3. If you are staying at the Contemporary or Poly or GF leave the MK early and watch them from over there.

    “But I can’t afford to stay at those what?”

    4. Anyone can walk around those resorts, you don’t need to stay there, so you can still watch the fireworks from over there or even by the Transportation Center. So again, leave MK early enough that you can take the monorail over to any of those resorts , find a spot where you can see the castle, grab a drink or snack, sit back and enjoy. And the bonus is you may also see the Water Pageant that goes on Seven Sea Lagoon most nights! (And the see the fireworks reflect off the water too!)

    So there you have it! Easy huh? No more stress.

    1. Paul W

      When I took my trip a few years ago I stayed at the Polynesian, and the little beach out back to view the fireworks over Lake Buens Vista was AMAZING. It was a warm night in October, about 70 degrees, and perfect. Not crowded at all, and the music was piped in. As mentioned above, you don’t need to be a guest in order to use the beach. Everyone is right…leave the park early and go to this little semi-secret place to enjoy a great view and not deal with the crowds.

  23. Sandy

    We were there July 4th, not a big deal. IT’S DISNEY ,NOTHING NEW. You should have been there New year’s eve 1999 if you wanted to wait. When I’m there I here complaints of weather, price of food, waiting, and GOD know what else. Don’t forget Disney has the same problem as other employers of trying to hire workers. They are being paid to stay home. So be kind or stay home.

  24. charles j smith

    Been coming to WDW for 20 years. It’s no worse and honestly much better! You definitely need to know which mode you are supposed to use before you get in line. There is a mass exit, and if your just blindly following the crowd then toss happens! If you’re going to your car, bus really isn’t the option! People always find something to complain about.

  25. Barb304

    When you’re leaving any of the parks you should always hang back for a while. I think most of them keep some shops open until a little after closing. I haven’t been there for a long time but I know the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom always did back then.

  26. Beth

    What this article.fails to mention is that both the monorail AND the ferry boats went down leaving only bus transportation for a period of time. While it is crowded at closing time, this size crowd was an unusual occurrence and shouldn’t be considered standard.

  27. SH

    Stood directly in front of the castle for fireworks. Let the crowds leave while riding one more ride.

    Walked out the front gate to see the massive crowds waiting for the ferry and monorail. Walked the lovely path through the Grand Floridian and the Poly resorts and walked to my car.

    Also- If you don’t do Disney often- GET A TRAVEL AGENT!!

  28. Robert Maxwell

    I was a bus driver at WDW for 20 years. Magic Kingdom exits after fireworks was always a case of huge crowds. We would have 20 or 30 busses standing by to handle the crowds. If they are short on bus drivers I can see where it could get bad.
    When I visit the park with family I don’t rush for the exit. I plan to leave slowly, looking in shops that are still open and take my time. This let’s me miss the crowds trying to get on transportation and I miss the auto traffic leaving the parking lots.

  29. Mark nowak

    Not news. Exiting the park after fireworks is always jammed.. busses are ALWAYs backed up.. management has not figured out how to add more busses at peak times. I relax in the park after the fiteworks, till the crowds are gone and return to ny car or hotel. Luckily I am not dragging tired children so it allows me extra hour in the park vs being herded like cattle.

    1. Tamara

      Hahaha, silly people, of course it’s a nightmare. You’re surprised that moving that many people onto busses is a chore. We were there for the 25th anniversary and they had to call in city busses and charter busses to move things along. The city bus I was on got lost going to the resort and one of the riders used their phone for directions. All the kids were asleep on the bus by the time we got back. Fun experience. Just go with the flow.

  30. "Chem Chemerys"

    We love all things Disney and we are annual passholders. We can tell when someone is a first timer to the parks. First rule of thumb, have a plan. There is so much to see and do, and everyone wants to do the same thing, and at the same time. The key is planning. The days of just showing up, walking around, and seeing and doing everything with no planning is a thing of the past. We never wait longer than 20 minutes to see or do anything. Plan your transportation, your rides, order of rides, meal time, location, and certainly departure. Disney is doing their best to allow increased occupancy, reopening of rides, refurbishing rides, retraining staff, and keeping everyone safe. Please don’t blame Disney because you didn’t plan and your kids are crying. Remember Disney employees whom we just love, are people too, with families, and they too get tired. Don’t assume we Floridians don’t want to work. Disney pays well, and have more perks than just free tickets for their employees. If you were a Floridian you would know this. Some people retired during the pandemic, others have changed jobs. Happiness starts with attitude, that’s why in our state we “whistle while we work”, “Just keep swimming”, and “let it go, let it go!” Still the happiest place on earth and loving it.

  31. Adam Blanar

    I wish I had this “transport” nightmare!!! I was at Disney on the 9th-12th of July last weekend. My experience was the most disgusting, most disappointing, most dirty, most distraught experience I ever had!

    My photo album is full of photos of overflowing trash cans, garden beds that are strewn with trash, grounds full of garbage, queues that never saw a cast member since rope drop!!

    I’ve cancelled my Contemporary Resort stay for next February and have decided to use that $10g’s to take my family to Bora Bora two times next year!

  32. Lisa

    Another issue is that the trams are not running in the parking lots. It can be a long hike to get to your car.

  33. Colleen

    Sounds like this guest has never been to the fireworks show at Disney. This is 100% normal. ?

  34. Colleen

    Sounds like this guest has never been to the fireworks show at Disney. This is 100% normal. ?

    Also…. for those complaining about Disney in the last few weeks…..


  35. Paul W

    A simple rideshare does the trick and reduces the cost. When I was at the park back in 2014 I had the same issue of everyone trying to leave at once. There were some taxis around, though, and I simply shouted if anyone was interested in sharing a taxi cost back to the same hotel we were going to. Several people responded immediately.

  36. Mike G

    These look like normal July crowds. These people complaining are just wanting the crowds to be like they were during the pandemic when nobody was traveling. Sorry you chose to come during the busiest time. I for one am glad to see the crowds this big. It means Disney is returning to normal.

    1. Carolyn Smith

      We were there on Saturday, July 17 for fireworks. Yes the crowd was large and it was hectic getting out of the park but the staff was great in keeping the lines moving ..we rode the monorail and from time we were exiting the park it took us 30 minutes to get back to our parking lot…they moved us timely..not a long wait..

  37. Robert

    This is not news. Most know that’s what you get for vacationing in Orlando in July.

  38. Chris

    Fireworks is there to keep people still allowing others a chance to get the hell out quickly.

  39. Joe Blow

    The two people on the walkway beat the millions of people waiting for the tram! Wow I wonder who they were, the two wearing the Tampa Bay lightning jerseys of course!

  40. Joe Blow

    There is a reason why Disney built a walkway unfortunately idots would rather stand in line for a tram!

  41. Henery

    Walkway is faster

  42. John

    This looks no different than it did before the pandemic . This was the normal nightly close in the summer. I worked monorails 4 years and this was the norm.

  43. V Areb

    This anonymous guest has never been to Disney and should probably stay home. That was a normal night after the fireworks. That is not a nightmare. It may take an hour to get back to your car or even more to your hotel, but that should expected.

  44. Donna

    My then 8 year old, 1997, was basically trampled by the throngs of angry adult males when the last bus showed to take us back to our hotel. My husband used the claws of life, by reaching over the mob to retrieve my crying child from the pack. This will never improve. There are not enough buses available at once to accommodate.

  45. Kristen

    I’ve been to WDW numerous times and that night was definitely the worst. Yes, crowds will always be bad – it was the lack of organization and lack of security that shocked me. Walking out of the park my family was split into half. One group was told Bus 4 will take them back to parking, and the other (I was in this group) was told Bus 34 will take us back to parking. The side of Bus 34 was insanely packed and was at the end. Once we got to 34 we’re yelled at by people in line saying the end is back there – obviously we didn’t know that because of how packed that section was. There wasn’t even a cast member there to tell us that themself. So as we’re trying to find our way back to the other side – because everyone is going back and forth because of they’re told – some crazy mom was trying to push her way perpendicular through the crowd. She was not alone. She was pushing herself through the crowd by ramming a stroller into people. She hit my little cousin in-front of me, me, my boyfriend behind me, and my brothers and mom behind him. My mom and boyfriend tried calling her out to make her stop and her response? “Guess what? I’ll do it again!” As others tried to yell at her to stop too we continued to make our way out of the crowd – still hearing her yell at others by being yelled by others. She was willing to hit me, my mom, boyfriend, and three little kids in my family – who knows who else she could’ve injured in that crowd too? Again, this isn’t my first time experiencing Disney crowds, but definitely the worst of organization and security.

  46. Sam

    Yes it was..absolutely horrific..crowd was so huge in any direction.waiting and standing…needed your depends

  47. MPD

    You can’t blame Disney for the way the crowd act. Disney does as good a job as any other parks. Just because it says Disney doesn’t mean it’s got to be perfect. Disney has a high standard when it comes to customers needs. The problem is the customer doesn’t know the difference between their needs and desires. If you leave after the fireworks expect delays in transportation. It come with the territory.

  48. Carolyn Smith

    We were there on Saturday, July 17 for fireworks. Yes the crowd was large and it was hectic getting out of the park but the staff was great in keeping the lines moving ..we rode the monorail and from time we were exiting the park it took us 30 minutes to get back to our parking lot…they moved us timely..not a long wait..

  49. LouiB

    Guessing the problem has intensified with the park closing right after fireworks. Keep the park open a couple more hours and much less of a problem.

  50. Gana

    It’s always a rush after the fireworks. The only thing I can think of is if they didn’t have the standard amount of transport out of the parks like they did before the shut down. But seriously just get a snack sit down and wait. It’s always busy like that.

  51. Gana

    It’s always a rush after the fireworks. The only thing I can think of is if they didn’t have the standard amount of transport out of the parks like they did before the shut down. But seriously just get a snack sit down and wait. It’s always busy like that.

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