Comments for One ‘Star Wars’ Droid Has Killed Over 50,000 Characters

(l-r) c-3po, chopper, r2-d2 in star wars rebels

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Tymen van Essen

    Arvel Crynyd flying his A-wing into the bridge of the Executor, Darth Vaders flag ship bringing it down to crash into the Death Star 2. Killed at least the minimum crew of 50.000 with if it was fully crewed has 281.000 crew and gunners, and 38.000 troopers on board.

    1. Pete

      3 decades? Try not even quite 2. 18 years, the lifespan of Luke and Leia.

      1. Lando and Wedge destroy the 2nd Death Star. At least 100k personnel aboard. Considering 16 year Leia appears in season 2 of Rebels.
        Like and Her were born on the Day of Order 66. The Bad Batch starts on that Day. The Battle of Yavin happens 20 years later. A New Hope is 4 years after season 2 of Rebels when L&L are 20 years old.

  2. Jacob

    Bad batch does not take place “nearly three decades before rebels.” BB is (so far) in 19BBY and Rebels starts in 5BBY. That’s only 14 years.

  3. Shawn

    Pretty sure Grand Moff Tarkin should have gotten a mention considering he blew up Alderaan causing the deaths of about say 2 billion people give or take….just saying.

  4. Leia is 16 years old in Season 2 of Rebels therefore it starts 15 years after order 66(her birthday was the day it was issued) or 5 years prior to the Yavin.
    She is 20 years old in a New Hope or as it was when I saw it just Star Wars. Seeing episode V at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back was mind boggling at the time.

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