Comments for CDC Scores Win Against Gov. DeSantis in Florida Cruise Battle

disney cruise line canaveral terminal exterior evening

Credit: Disney


  1. Dustin Bollnow

    I would really like to go on a Disney Cruise again. My family and I haven’t been on one since 2014.

  2. What does this mean? The article didn’t really outline what the government had in mind for the cruise industry. Are they going to violate people’s medical privacy and expect to see vaccination cards? Are they going to make everyone regardless of vaccination status wear masks?

  3. Ha

    I didn’t know the CDC was at war with the people.

    1. Ken

      Yea, they’re at war with gaining your private information. This is where “1984” by George Orwell is taking shape. One more item that the government wants control over. One little thing at a time. Most people just say it’s no big deal. When you have several “no big deals” one after the other, by the time people start rising up and getting mad it will be too late.

  4. Steve

    So the CDC keeping cruise lines shutdown is a win?

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