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  1. Jessica

    I’m not sure that I’m understanding this correctly. So when someone pays for premier access the profit goes to Disney solely? The actors get nothing?

      1. Agent

        No thats not exactly true.
        They Actors still get paid for their services, but IF the actor negotiates a box office slice, they obviously don’t get that % of the revenue because there is no Box Office on Disney+.

        This has been known long before Black Widow was negotiated financially though, so a lot of this is poor representation by her agent.

  2. Teresa

    Pitiful. Guess I won’t be watching Black Widow. Another case of me first!!!! Instead of banding together and giving access to everyone in these unprecedented times!

  3. KenG

    According to IMBD’s Box Office Mojo site, Black Widow has done $320 million worldwide in 3 weeks – I’d say that is pretty darn good when many theaters are still not fully opened or have limited showings.
    By contrast Cruella has done about $225m since May, and Fast & Furious F9 has done $630m since June 25. And it will be interesting to see what Jungle Cruise does since that movie is also on Disney+ Premier Access.
    But overall Johansson needs to clue in this is not 2019! Note only was that a blockbuster year it was before the mess we are still in! And how do we know there was not a clause in her contract that said Disney MAY opt to put the movie on Disney+ if there were unforeseen circumstances?? Also… It was her choice to (probably) take a salary cut in lieu of a take of the profits.

  4. Robin

    Regardless of how much she got paid (signing bonus); A contract is a contract! Disney is the selfish greedy ones. Trying to get their cake and eat it too.
    I don’t think for one minute they are all about compassion of the public.
    Give me a break.
    Scarlett, I hope you take them for all the money they screwed from Johnny Depp. Plus everything Amber Heart is making in Aquaman.
    What comes around goes around.
    Disney shame on you for what you have become!

  5. Andy

    It really should not be this difficult, if it is a covid thing, then Disney can just pay actors and actresses from the premier time on Disney+. If its because of covid this should be easy guys, c’mon. Unless it IS about more money Disney can make.

  6. Adam

    This is stupid. Who cares about how much money either make? Make new contracts so people can still watch. People should be able to see this stuff in the safety of their homes. Covid vaccine, HA, still not going outside with all you people.

  7. Jacqueline

    I’m on Scarletts side!! Especially since Disney has the Premiere access price way up over a movie ticket would be!

  8. Clark

    Seems like the mouse is actually a rat.

  9. Bodach

    The vast majority of movie audiences are paid barely enough money to just survive, I can’t think of any reason any of us should have some emotional investment in either side of this squabbling, between financial titans.Going by the figure of 20 million, if it were her only earnings for the year means her income for one day is roughly four times what I make in a year.. my brain isnt even equipped to generate anything meaningful when presented with a number of that magnitude.

  10. Lyndsey Miller

    Her contact should have been honored or renegotiated with her permission. I think Disney is in the wrong here.

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