Comments for Why Isn’t Tim Allen Voicing Buzz Lightyear in the Pixar ‘Lightyear’ Movie?

Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) in "Toy Story: 4" (2019)

Credit: Pixar


  1. Paul Stirewalt

    Liberal Disney executives didn’t want conservative Tim Allen. I don’t care to see this movie without Tim Allen.

    1. Jordan

      They literally had him in Toy Story 4….They are giving a valid reasons as to why there is a different voice actor. Calm down lol

  2. Jeckel

    Oh, it’s the real Buzz, not the toy Buzz. Ok, then he should be voiced by Patrick Warburton.

    1. Alex Lue

      Why is this so accurate it hurts?! I would freak out seeing a movie with Patrick as the real Buzz, it would be amazing!

      1. Bill

        Loved Tim Allen and I thought he made the character so revealing and will miss his voice but I do hope the new voice will be as successful. GREAT JOB TIM ALLEN!!!
        You will not be forgotten!!

  3. Tom

    Chapek is screwing up Disney anyway. Just add Toy story to the mix.

  4. P Ames

    I totally believe that woke, liberal Disney just doesn’t want anything to do with a conservative like Tim Allen.

    1. Gabriel

      Did you maybe forget about Toy Story 4? They aren’t replacing him because he’s conservative, they’re replacing him because they aren’t the same entity. Chris Evans is voicing the HUMAN Buzz Lightyear. Tim Allen voices the TOY version. It really isn’t that complex.

      It’s common sense, not political beef, snowflake.

  5. TrumpLost LOL

    Snowflakes in this thread that don’t understand that while free speech is a right, it can still have consequences.

  6. Linda

    Its not the same as Tim Allen . Sad i won’t watch it

  7. Barbara

    Disney has gone left wing and destroying the company. Tim Allen is a conservative and the Disney executives don’t want anyone who will buck the system. Walt is spinning in his grave. So sad.

    1. timmy

      So you didn’t read the article

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