Comments for Anna and Elsa Almost Weren’t Sisters in ‘Frozen’

anna (left) and elsa (right) hugging in frozen 2

Credit: Disney


  1. Dustin Bollnow

    Yes! I’m 100% on board that Elsa and Anna ended up as sister. I prefer that story about bonds between siblings.

    1. Mack Love you Elsa frozen Anna

  2. I love The movies how is the bay guy in the movie love ❤️ Fozen 1 and 2 show love Them

  3. Lucky

    Wow they are so cool I’m in love with frozen

  4. KRITHIKA pradeep kumar

    I love frozen Disney cartoon because of her sisters feeling so happy and Elsa is a kind and innocent person but Anna is very happiness person and I miss all olaf♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. KRITHIKA pradeep kumar

    I am a big fan of frozen because of this kind sister after I am seeing this frozen I was crying and I got happy also in the last part of frozen 2 and now I am happy because of FROZEN 3 also going to become main thing I was like frozen is the sisters and I am Biggest Fan of Elsa and my sister is biggest fan of Anna I was missing olaf In The Frozen 2

  6. Jithin Thomas

    Anna had her baby.

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