Animal Tears Up Disney Store While Shopping For Christmas

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Screenshot via Disney Parks YouTube

Halloween may be around the corner, but when it comes to Disney, they are always two steps ahead of the game!

Today, many Disneyland Guests may be focused on obtaining Oogie Boogie Bash tickets as they have just gone on sale, but Disney is also celebrating Christmas. Yesterday we received word on many Disney World offerings that would be coming our way now that we are Halfway to the Holidays! 

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The Muppets
Credit: Disney

The news for what to expect on the west coast at Disneyland Resort was a little quieter, however. Now, it seems we may have our answer as to why Disneyland didn’t share a lot of holoiday news yet — they were dealing with some out-of-control Muppets in their stores! Disney Parks Blog posted a promo video from Disneyland, which shows Animal rummaging and tearing apart one of the shops on Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park.

Check it out on the Disney Park YouTube channel below.

Although Animal seems just to want to shop and celebrate Halfway to the Holidays, he is tossing all of the Christmas decorations all over the store, making a huge mess!

Disney Parks Blog went on to announce:

I guess you could say he traded his drum sticks for ornaments for the day…never mind that apple. Yikes, haha!

We know how much celebrities love vacationing at Disneyland; I can’t wait to see what other special guests may visit the Happiest Place on Earth in the near future! Perhaps more of Animal’s Muppets costars?

From slap-stick skits on “The Muppets Show” to the holiday classic “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” catch more star-studded performances from your favorite Muppets on Disney+. Aside from all of them, which are you most excited to watch?

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Credit: Disney

Although we do not yet know what offerings will be coming to Disneyland Resort just yet, it seems that Disney is planning on bringing other “special Guests” in to promote the park. Hopefully, those Guests are a little more tidy than Animal.

What do you hope Disneyland will announce when it comes to holiday offerings? Let us know in the comments below! 

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