Comments for Johnny Depp Wants Amber Heard Sanctioned After Latest Lawsuit Dismissal Attempt

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow (left) and Amber Heard (right)

Credit: Disney (left) / Amber Heard Instagram (right)


  1. Savage Lynx

    YES! AGREED! Amber Heard is the worst female predator in history. As a predator, she jumped the media the moment she was divorced to force-feed the public with her contaminated testimony and constructed “evidence” bent on keeping her in fame and money because she knew she could not win it on her own merits!
    Amber Heard SHOULD BE SANCTIONED for attempting to turn the US into another KANGAROO COURT!

    1. Amber is also being accused of abuse So reward her and give her money. This is what the public and courts are tell the world. Beat your man and we’ll reward you.
      I’m sick every time I see her face and I used to like her, how bad is that!?

      1. Koeflow

        I feel the same way I use to like her as an actress but it’s so sad that someone so small was allowed to tear down a life time career! This man built this on his own and he worked hard for it! I understand that people go through thing’s and no relationship is perfect but she’s got some many thing’s going against her and she has been caught in the wrong but yet he pays the worse price.
        I just hope that since they won’t let her leave her movie’s at least let this man have his foot strong in the door again or is it that Depp is TOO STRAIGHT for Disney so it’s easy to let him go?

        1. Rachel

          F this chick already

          1. kim A Madrigal


          2. Liz Triano


        2. Angelica Lake-Brown

          I’m a Survivor of DV and a former convenor of a feminist legal action group. She is not a good spokesperson for us

        3. Coleen T.

          Yeah, JD is being treated unfairly. I’m starting to believe the court was biased against him because Amber is a female.

      2. John

        Amber is a moneygrabbing, great actor destroying liar!

      3. Me

        That’s how it goes women get away with everything as I know myself

        1. hjiriMuhamedMuhamed

          That’s a little sexist. They don’t get everything they want.

        2. Rahul Rokaya

          go to hell ..AH

        3. Shel

          Really? All women, or just the women in your life? Is this a pattern in your life?

      4. D Callozzo

        Agreed. 100%. She is disgraceful and shameless. She shouldn’t get a single dime. She an opportunistic tramp.

      5. kim A Madrigal

        She is scum..me too.

      6. Tess N Jenkins


      7. Naughty naughty Amber, ruining the many truths of REAL WOMEN Harmed by DOMESTIC ABUSE!!!!
        look at her history with other relationships!!! Not her first round of being an ABUSER!!!

    2. Donna Ohrling

      Absolutely but such as life every person makes their choice as long as I’m not involved well my opinion it’s just a circus round round we go love that song but that’s the way it is

    3. Angela Bender

      Amen. She also needs to be boycotted blackballed and fired

      1. Grace

        It’s sad to know, even with the evidence in his favor and solid proof, he still gets taken out of a movie with such an important role. Even with all these people standing behind him and protesting. I don’t know how they can make another movie without him as Jack. But no matter how much people protest and even petition, Amber gets to stay in her role and keep her image.

    4. Alex

      The worst female predator in history? ……. Jesus man read a fkn book. What an idiot!

      1. Jay


        1. Dexter

          If this was a man that did what amber did to Mr.Depp ,they would have thrown the book at him and wrapped up the case, so what’s the difference? Is it the tits and big bank ?

      2. Savage Lynx

        SHE IS THE WORST! Name ONE that pulled this kind of sh**! NOBODY made such a pile of POO over a divorce when she should have kept him IN the narrative instead of re-inventing herself, made him a Strawman which none of us recognize as JD, and re-constructed and pre-meditated the events in their marriage for the Public. Why is it she gets away with breaking their NDA? Maybe not this time! She admitted in her plea to get his VA lawsuit thrown out and go with the UK Verdict that everyone knew she was talking about him in her Op-Ed so she will LOSE!

        1. Chochi

          First off, men do this all the time. All the sexist for one of the few women to do this need to stop. Percentage wise, statistically men get away eith literally everything. Rape, murder, abuse and other violent or money schemes all the time. I figured she was a liar from her expressions and the fact thqt she had no bruise in an instagram photo in a literal party she went to the day after. Johhny depp is alcoholic but theres no indication that he has ever been abusive in those states so i wont form an opinion on that.
          However women are often judged harder than men even in cases like these. While men get to escape blatantly and obviously scott free.
          Even in a british serial killer case, the wife who stood by was villified and hated on more than the husband whi actually committed horrific torture and murder on children. Men often lie in similar cases like this and get away with it. Even when they get caught on obvious evidence that they lied. The man still gets away with it.

          People should be taking this case as to stop screaming every time something happens in the industry and not blaming women who are often blamed even though the majority tell the truth.
          Men are the ones more likely to be liars, sociopaths and other scheming evil scumbags than women are.

          Look at how much sofia vergara has to fight about her own body by her scumbag ex.

    5. MombieDragon

      ON POINT!!! And then she brings a baby into it….she is the biggest manipulator I’ve seen in a long time. My heart goes out to Johnny and to that poor precious baby that had no choice in being brought into a world of abuse and deception.

      1. Twilite

        Nothing like pulling a baby out of a hat like it’s a rabbit in a magic show! Uses an infant to hold up for the press to see because NOW she’s good. There’s another reason to spit on her! She is incongruous, has no rationality, says she wants to keep her life private after overexposing an infant’s existence which she planned and reproduced in secrecy to pull as a Publicity Stunt! That’s no mom!

      2. Billy

        amber herd deserves prison time and give JD his roles back

    6. Kat

      Wake up, Americans. Johnny is guilty. He is an alcoholic, entitled white man who thinks, he is above the law. He lost his case in the UK. And Disney fired him because they know he is bad news. The best thing Disney ever did.

      1. Eve Lynn Brown

        Exactly! He has major substance use disorders. I hope he is able to break free of them. Sadly physical and mentally abuse afflicted on others is generally part of the addiction chaos cycle!

        1. Sharle Brooks

          Like I said, he’s been an alcoholic and user for years. He was when he was with his kid’s mom, but she spoke in his defense. Wake up!!! Listen to the tapes and if you still say she is innocent, you must be just like her.

      2. KEH

        Amber is not a victim. Plenty of experts have reviewed their interactions and depositions.
        They were co abusers, and the one-sided treatment is sexist and an affront to art.

      3. Moira Hewitt

        Take a look on YouTube at Amber Heards sisters pool party. Her friends notice bruises on her neck and ask if Amber has been fighting with her. The sister days there was an altercation. A friend says AH made a good job. She is a bully. Please open your eyes.

      4. Chris

        You wouldn’t have such an ignorant stance had you done any research or read the court documents.

      5. Coleen T.

        You’re the one who needs to wake up! She’s a professional liar, predator, and gold-digger. She even uses a baby to demonstrate that she is GOOD and has improved as a person. That is the most outrageous bullsh*t I’ve ever heard.

      6. Sharle Brooks

        You feel this way even after hearing the tapes?? After every other ex said Johnny never laid a hand to him? Johnny has been a user for years, but has never hit an ex.

    7. Candice

      I hate Amber Heard too. She is a selfish bitter snake. I pray Johnny Depp wins and so he can live a normal life again. Amber Heard is money hungry. Why don’t she just admit to the courts she is a slime.

    8. Henriette Bartling

      Couldn’t agree more!!

    9. kim A Madrigal

      I so agree. Bring Johnny back in Pirates or I refuse to watch like so many others. Love you Johnny!

    10. Tess N Jenkins


    11. #JusticaForJohnny
      Johnny Depp não tem se comportado muito bem esses anos,mas ele nunca foi de fingir um ataque acredito eu que alguma coisa de estranha está havendo neste processo…

    12. Venus

      Every word that comes out of her mouth are lies. She lied about the op-ed being about Depp but everybody knows better she didn’t even write it herself the ACLU wrote it with the assistance of Amber Heard. She lied about having a baby what so she can gain sympathy. She lied about the money she was supposed to donate to 2 charities. Someone else donated it for her. Why because she is a golddigger that does not care about anyone but her selfish lowlife scum of the earth self. All in the end I strongly hope she gets what she deserves. Karma is a b**** and its getting ready to punch back. SHE IS A PIECE OF SCUM!

  2. Tanya

    False accusations should be punishable, with prison time as consequence.

    1. RLR

      False accusations are hard to prove. But if she’s found guilty, she’ll think abuse…

    2. Koeflow


      1. She is wanting fame and can’t do it without bringing Johnny down enough already she’s a joke

    3. There is proof of the abuse both ways that is very easy to find online. Both are as bad as each other. Forget them both

  3. Ronnie

    I love it lie lie and lie get caught and then buy a baby to keep you out of jail that’s just vile ??

    1. D Callozzo

      Exactly!!! She is diabolical!!

  4. I’m Ashamed! I looked up to Amber She was a great actress, but since hearing the audio of her and Jonny Depp, you can tell she’s the aggressive person. If she had any marks on her, it was defensive, you bet he had to push her off of him or she had bruises from hitting him, or she did it to herself. I thought I would never say this, but I don’t believe a word Amber Heard ever says.
    I tell you now, she is using the court system to continue to hurt Mr Depp, it’s disgusting!
    The Court system should be ashamed for how ignorant they are.
    The UK Judge, already judged Jonny before seeing all the “evidence”.
    I’m ashamed!

  5. Love Johnny Depp! Pirates without Depp is not worth making. Amber Herd seems to just be a gold digger! Heart hurts for Johnny Depp!!!!

    1. Temperance


  6. Love Johnny Depp! No reason to make Pirates without Depp!! Depp is the reason for Pirates success! Amber just an ugly gold digger!!!

  7. Ash

    From the moment it hit the news, I felt he was innocent for some reason. She needs to be put into jail or prison. She is evil. Her daughter will grow up and hopefully see her mother for what she did.

    1. Almalee

      I wonder how she is treating the baby!

  8. Nicholle

    I feel the same way.

  9. Lynn Carol Feinn

    I knew she was bad news from the start. She’s a gold digger in my eye!! She’s the one that broke up Johnny’s previous relationship!!! She’s a NOBODY!!! She needs to go to jail for everything that she’s said or done while married to Johnny!!!!

  10. So sad, amber heard using a baby as a shield in hopes of escaping justice. So she basically steals money from sick children by not donating promised money, and lies about it on tv to Garner sympathy. How many children does she have to hurt before she’s actually punished?????

    1. Johny

      Is Amber heard needs to pay for what she did I am a very big fan of DC Comics and I refuse to ever watch the Aquaman movie And I will never watch the 2nd Aquaman movie I will not give that vile scumbag any money at all whatsoever and I say everybody else should boycott any movie that ever has her in it so she can see how it feels to lose everything

      1. Julie Hampton

      2. Rachel

        Not enough people acknowledge that men are also abused. This woman tried to ruin his career he spent so long building with so much talent. I think it’s horrible how DC kept her on even though they could’ve easily replaced her and shows alot about how they view abuse on men. I will definitely not be watching Aquaman 2.

  11. Jacob

    So sad, amber heard using a baby as a shield in hopes of escaping justice. So she basically steals money from sick children by not donating promised money, and lies about it on tv to Garner sympathy. How many children does she have to hurt before she’s actually punished?????

  12. Real Human

    Johnny Depp is innocent of all charges. Sure, he did drugs, of people have. But he isn’t going around punching ladies every week. Meanwhile, Amber Heard was convicted of domestic abuse before Johnny Depp got with her,, and she signed a NDA to not talk bad about her husband after the divorce settlement. The emails between a lawyer, miss heard, and these publications paint a story. Amber Heard had a columnist write a piece about Johnny Depp beating her up, causing JD to lose all movie castings and breaking the NDA she signed. She should pay back the 7 million to Johnny Depp, since she didn’t donate the money, like she said she did. In addition to millions of dollars from defaming him in several news articles.

  13. Stephanie

    I agree with all these comments jd is one of the good ones that have been took advantage of by a woman with bad intents.love you johnny I will not support any one who is against you I believe in you and I will support you in any endeavor.

  14. Liz

    JD should of stayed with his beautiful wife and kids before he made a very poor choice to be with Amber she is now the most hated women in America maybe the world and God help the baby she ordered

  15. Kate

    The first time I heard about the baby, I thought her lawyers must have told her it would make her more sympathetic. Her best acting is pretending to be innicent. She’s a liar and an abuser. I hope the child will be ok, she’s not likely to stop.

  16. Heard has pushed women’s lib back 60 years singlehandedly and is being rewarded for abusive behaviour towards a sweet, loving man who tried to make her life better. She is a cunning vulture that fed off of his success. She needs to lose everything as he did. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

  17. Johnny Depp is innocent…He would never do the things that amber heard is accusing him off especially beating her…He’s the most caring,loving,big hearted person that we have in our generation,so to see a sick psychopath accuse him of these heinous crimes is preposterous and absurd… This is all coming from a person who was mentally diagnosed with narcissistic psychopath personality disorder all evaluated my psychiatrist David Kipper. I don’t believe anything that Amber Heard said about Johnny Depp!!! We love and support you Johnny?% #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent #JohnnyDepppIsAVictim #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #AmberHeardIsALiar #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser

  18. Robin

    Amber Heard= pond scum
    For those of us who have been abused…keep your mouth shut. You will reap what you’ve sown

    1. I am a Brit, and our justice system is now systematically ‘ woke ‘. In cases like this judge’s ignore facts and concentrate on pandering to the left wing agenda. Woman makes claim, woman cannot lie, man guilty. That’s not all, the judge makes injudicial comments for media coverage. The vast majority of British people see through the lies of a once proud legal system. Mr Depp was treated appallingly. Warner Bros must also be made to answer for their actions, they have pondered to Heard and vilified Depp. Boycott Warner and DC.

    2. Venus Heard

      Amber made her voice HEARD ?
      True they abused each other but Amber is not a weak woman by any means.
      Stick that in y’alls pipe % ?smoke that I’m out!
      Especially for those people that claim they have been abused.
      If you know how it feels, why would you do it to someone else?
      Don’t be a hypocrite

      1. Robbie Ra


  19. aimee

    amber heard is the biggest liar in the world… she needs to be put in a mental hospital… and she is going to end up killing her baby and everything she says about johnny is a lie..

  20. Donette Williams

    Amber Heard is nothing but a liar she continues to use the courts to punish Johnny and it’s sad after hearing the audio tape and watching her in court You Can Tell She’s a lying about getting into the room it’s obvious he was trying to hold her out of that room and she broke through she discussed me in every single way I pray to God that this court will see through her lies and hold her accountable for what she has done her saying that he’s a man and no one will ever believe him that says it all right there to me Johnny does deserve justice and I can’t wait till the day he gets it and she falls flat on her face and everyone sees her for who she is nothing but a disgusting abuser not only to him but even to her family and the sad part is is they are too weak to stand up for themselves I feel sorry for her child it’s only a matter of time before she’s drunk and the baby’s crying and s*** goes bad

  21. Judi

    #TEAMAMBER all the way. Johnny Depp is a wife beater. It was probably an extremely passionate relationship which went too far.

    1. So, ACTUAL facts, empirical evidence mean nothing to you. Just support Heard regardless? You DO understand you simply prove the point of lying, manipulative ” wimmin ” getting preferential treatment BECAUSE they are ” wimmin ” . My dear, you are an imbecile.


    I like John depp a good actors I hope he is job everyone miss his movies and his fans. Ah cancel . Movies for dc

  23. Janet hahn

    If Amber Heard were just another average every day human who wasn’t married to an extremely talented and genuine average every day human, she would most likely be sitting in a prison cell next to all the other average every day humans just like all the rest of us average every day humans! What’s wrong with this picture! Why is she not being treated like the rest of us average…. Oh you get my point. It should never have gotten as far as it has and she should be treated the same as you or I would be treated. It hurts my heart to think that someone could do such things to another! It seems so surreal to watch what’s happening and not happening with this sad, sad state of failed matrimony. She is an aspasera, a siren, a mermaid indeed but not the pretty, sitting on a rock kind of mermaid. The kind you see in Pirates of the Caribbean, with sharp black teeth and really bad breath. Someone please save that poor baby! If that were you or me, we wouldn’t have had our behaviour rewarded by letting us buy a baby and spew crap about how this baby completes us, right? It’s nauseating. Look up the word Narcissist in the dictionary. You will see Amber Heard’s picture next to it! Johnny, I never once was even remotely stirred by anything that she said and I don’t think she’s a gifted actress. But she certainly is an actress. She fooled a lot of sheeple for just a brief time. The best that could happen for you dear man is that she drifts away, silently into obscurity. It’s the least she could do and keeping her mouth shut would be a nice gesture. But narcissists aren’t capable of comprehending what I’m saying so don’t hold your breath! I love you! We all love you! Know that! Own Disney and those other hypocrites!

  24. Almalee

    I wonder how she is treating the baby!

  25. Lynn

    You all sound like psychopaths. None of you know either one of these people. You’re just looking for someone to take your hate out on, which says far more about you than it does them. Stop obsessing over celebrities who don’t know or care about your existence.

    1. Afton

      In some ways I agree with you. However, not every one here is a, “psychopath.” Some people are simply stating their support of Mr. Johnny Depp or Ms. Amber Heard. I don’t believe such activities warrant such as the aforementioned claim of the commenters being, “psychopaths.” Nevertheless, I’m do see validity in some of what you said and in some ways agree with you, but in other aspects I disagree.

    2. MombieDragon

      Someone who’s here, commenting on an article about celebrities is telling everything else here they’re psychopaths and they’re obsessing over celebrities?? That’s interesting….to put it nicely.

  26. Jill

    New her for what she was from the begining. Didnt like her then even less now. Love johnny depp best actor shame Disney didnt have the balls to back him. Heard reminds me of Megan Markle both opportunistic second rate actresses that have managed to side swipe their husbands. The writing was on the wall shame johnny and harry to be collateral damage. LoveJohnny.!!!

  27. Judith

    I hate Depp, he is a wife beater and was convicted of such in a court of law! Y’all seem to have forgotten his VILE texts to Paul Bethany and others… he is a drunken, drug addled freak, he has very rotten teeth and is not attractive in any shape or form also he’s a crap actor, wooden and it’s no wonder he doesn’t have an Oscar… keep that creepy old man off the screens forever…

  28. Gina Perry

    Amber cant act her way out of a paper bag. She tried to destroy Johnny Depp’s career.. & black ball him. Not to mention taking all his money.

  29. Amber cant act her way out of a paper bag. Shes tried to black ball johnny Depp, and steal all of his money. All of her supposed allegations are trumped up.

  30. Just looking at how these people can’t label a photo correctly shows how much faith to have in anything else they say. Stop talking about both these abusers. There is evidence that both of them are scum that shouldn’t be around anyone. Stop giving them time.

  31. Lori

    As far as domestic abuse…it can go both ways. Every case is different. I do believe that Johnny Depp got screwed in this one. Amber has manipulated the situation from the beginning to her advantage. She has totally put his career on hold and for her part in the abuse she is rewarded. What is wrong with this picture?

  32. frank

    Amber should get a
    Mandatory psychological evaluation. For her illogical behavior she I mentally unbalanced person who belongs in
    a psychological. Home for psychological counseling treatment and medications

  33. Renske Vergouwen

    I was a big fan of her, really liked her acting and loved her in aquaman. Not anymore tho, she is a psycho and doesnt deserve to have fans that look up to her

  34. Raven

    She shouldn’t be allowed to be in films too they should fire her like they did Depp for being innocent yes couples fight and can get heated but this women has already been proven to be psycho sadly I love DC films but won’t watch any she is in I hope she gets put in jail for wasting the courts time and that poor baby should be taken away from her for its own safety

  35. Cory

    This woman is sick in the head. How does she even have a career anymore? She’s twisted and evil!!!
    Will never watch a dam thing she’s in even as a small role. JD deserves so much better than her. Give the man the peace and respect he deserves

  36. Vero

    Do you not read or listen to the tapes. She even admitted to be the one who is abusive. Open your eye and ears

  37. Cheryl Littig

    Amber Heard should be sanctioned in the courts and fired from all of her movies! She is absolutely horrible! I can’t stand her and can’t believe these lawsuits are still going on! Leave JD alone already!

  38. Dori

    Let’s start from beginning. Amber charged with abuse before meeting Johnny. Many of Johnny’s exs have said he was never abusive and do not believe Amber, NONE have come forward to say that he was. The tapes show Amber as the aggressor. Statements were made that Johnny left, or tried, when things escalated……this all points to Johnny only abusing drugs/ alcohol, never initiating physical abuse as Amber claims…….then to top it off, Amber says give me money and I will give to womens charity, yet she keeps it for years. She made $ before Johnny, made money from Johnny, made money after Johnny, so exactly why can’t she afford to give the promised money she didn’t have or need to the charity when she got it……Why…because Amber is the manipulative narcissistic abuser in this story……history alone of these 2 people tells you who the villain is, and that would be Amber……….rest assured that baby will be cared for by nannies or relatives within a year or so of playing the look how great I am with the baby and she realizes how much work is involved…and the excuse will be I am working so the nanny is talking care of baby.

  39. Kirsty Smart

    Definitely agree with this, she has caused Johnny Depp no end of grief. She is the worst human known to man. Hope she gets what is coming to her and Johnny Depp gets back to doing what he loves and enjoys.

  40. Betsy

    female predator in history. As a predator, she jumped the media the moment she was divorced to force-feed the public with her contaminated testimony and constructed “evidence” bent on keeping her in fame and money because she knew she could not win it on her own merits!
    Amber Heard SHOULD BE SANCTIONED!!!This is what the public and courts are tell the world. Beat your man and we’ll reward you.
    I’m sick every time I see her face and I used to like her, how bad is that!? I will not support any work that she does!! Including this publicity stunt with this baby news. Using motherhood for sympathy is sick and I really hope she pays for all her evil intents…

  41. sydney

    she is a waste of skin get rid of her is the courts forgetting that she has done this before abuse her last relationship with that chick i cant remember her name amber beat her too so why and the hell she getting away with it she has to be sleeping with someone to get away with this and to boot right after all this she goes and has a baby was that all a plan piss johnny depp she evil and does not deserve anything and think her career should be over remove her from aqua man she need own up and stop her act and grow up

  42. Venus Heard

    Amber made her voice HEARD ?
    True they abused each other but Amber is not a weak woman by any means.
    Stick that in y’alls pipe % ?smoke that I’m out!

  43. Jonny Deep is inccnent and Amber Heard is the victim and a wife abuser and Jonny Deep would need to show that video tape to his next court date and show the court that Amber Heard was the one who abuse him and not the other way around and Jonny Deep need Disney to hire back Jonny Deep back as Captain Jack in Pirates 6 movie or pirates 7 movie

  44. Shel

    If ever there was a couple perfect for each other it is Amber and Johnny. They deserve each other. They are so selfish they will probably spend the rest of their lives alone. The way they manipulate the public with their toxic relationship makes me never want to watch anything either of them are in. I can only see the real version of who they are which is just selfish bullies and a sad excuse for any kind of role model!
    If they continue to troll my searches and texts I won’t sanction, it’s a permanent disqualification from my life. Say or do what you must, don’t give much AF!
    For the other person pulled into the drama, I don’t view you as anything like them. Why waste your time on either of the two? I know they are using me to get to you. They can certainly try. It won’t work. You never threatened me, insulted me, stopped me from saying anything, or tried to force me to do anything. You’re tweets make me laugh and you make me think things through. You’re much more interesting than they are, and I notice the positive messages you tweet, even when it’s not so easy. That’s inspiring! It’s a reflection of your love and respect for humanity. I can’t say the same about AH and JD. I can’t stand their drama they subject the world to. It’s just wrong!

  45. Barbara

    I’m on Johnny’s side all the way. As for the Pirates movies. without JD as Captain Jack Sparrow there are no new Pirates movies!

  46. Sheryl l valverde

    How good a man is he that not one ex has came forward against him in this time of #metoo? And yet she has a past that shows her as being this hateful person and she is being rewarded? What an upside down world!

  47. Bob Latour

    Amber Heard is a MONSTER. She HAS to go in JAIL for the crimes she committed. I will NEVER watch any of her movies EVER again. JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY DEPP.

  48. James Carroll

    Amber Heard is a dirt ball, I’ll never watch anything with her in it.

  49. Mel allen

    The worst mistake of his life. I’m not sure why he married her. He didn’t even marry the mother of his children after they were together for a while. I feel really bad for him. And if anybody’s going to get canceled these days it should be her! Which I don’t even believe in the cancel society but there’s always an exception.

  50. Joy Eaton

    I will not go to fantastic beasts and I will not go to any pirates of the Caribbean movie that does not have Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.
    Amber as recorded through things at Johnny hit Johnny and laughed at the idea that anyone would ever believe him if he said that she was abusive. Thankfully I was never a fan so I absolutely will not miss anything she’s ever been in but I will never go to anything that she is in movie wise. How hypocritical is society let’s believe a woman with a sinister vindictive ultimatum and allow this berate actress destroy the career reputation and name of a beloved successful talented enjoyable actor.
    I hope this judge isn’t in Amber’s pocket or friends with some friend of Amber’s.
    I hope this judge rules in favor of Johnny and throws the book at Amber.
    I find that those that jump shipped and abandoned Johnny studios actors etc to be gutless and appalling too bad they can’t fine them as well. A Captain Jack Sparrow fan and a Johnny Depp supporter for life

  51. Jhune

    Boycot every AH movie. Specialy this coming Aquaman 2. DC will regret for recasting this evil woman.


  53. Teresa Crawford

    I agree 100%
    Amber Heard is an abuser that has been glorified by her deceit and lies. She has caused one of the all time greatest actors to lose major roles in upcoming films. Johnny Depp is the victim however he is the one that has had to consistently try to clear his name so that he can continue his acting career. He is the one who has suffered hardship physical abuse, and heartbreak. There has been an astonishing amount of credible witnesses to speak out on Mr. Depp’s behalf. Amber Heard is a proven criminal with a prior record of domestic abuse. She has admitted on audio of physical abuse on Johnny. She has repeatedly committed perjury under oath and false accusations of abuse and that Johnny had thrown her phone at her, supposedly leaving bruising that was not seen prior to her mess of a Restraining Order Disposition or the day after, with numerous witness verifications. She also accused Johnny of trashing their (his) penthouse apartment during the same “altercation”. This has been proven another Amber lie and scheme by four LAPD Officers and their Bodycam Footage. She made false public statements that she has donated the $7 million divorce settlement, from Mr. Depp, to the Children’s Hospital of LA and the ACLU which is also a bold face lie. Amber Heard needs to be accountable for her actions. She is now wasting the Virginia Courts time, which is taxpayers money. It is definitely time for #Justiceforjohnnydepp and
    Enough already!

  54. Lily

    You’ll never convince me that Amber Heard did not provoke and/or instigate the violence between her and Johnny Depp. I think booze, drugs and unhappiness played a huge role in what happened in their marriage. I’d never watch one of her movies, unless Johnny Depp was in it! 🙂

  55. Sonja

    Yes amber should pay the price for what she did to Johnny I think she should go to jail for a very long time atleast 5 or 10 years she tried to ruin this man’s life I hope Johnny will get all the fame and glory he had in the past just be careful Johnny who you date or marry in the future most woman like you’re fame and money as amber did she wanted to be amber Depp to use you’re surname to become famous and rich never forget that

  56. Shannon Merrill

    She is just a horrible person!cannot wait until Johnny Depp is free from all of this!and she needs to serve some jail time!any other person would have to!she is no different!

  57. nita

    As i am a real domestic violence victim this thing what Amber does makes me feel sick. I have followed this and seen and heard a lot where Amber is the abuser. Not Johnny. Haven’t really seen nor heard any where Amber is the victim…

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