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pop century

Credit: Inside the Magic (left) That Disney Girl (right)


  1. EricJ

    SPOILER: It became the Art of Animation Resort, but since only one Pop Century-style building had already been completed, at the back of the resort, it was rehabbed into the Little Mermaid building, while the newly-constructed ones were suites.

  2. Emily

    Just returned back from Art of Animation, and toured Pop Century while I was there. While the main hall, general pool area, and some of the facilities are very similar, there is a mayor difference between these two resorts – Pop Century has ‘exterior entry’ doors to their rooms, while AOA was built with a more updated traditional interior door hotel access

  3. SG

    I love both resorts. I always thought Pop Century started with the 1950s because that’s when Disneyland opened. I’m really glad too, my family and I love the lobby, looking at toys and photos from our younger years. I always wondered why they haven’t continued with each decade.

    1. Bliss

      I stayed with the legendary view but never knew that’s what it was. I thought 00, 10 etc referred to the 2000s. I thought it was halted construction. Interesting

  4. Autumn B.

    At epcot I got stuck backwards at a horrible incline for 45 minutes with a 7 month old baby in my lap and all the guy who was waiting at the end once they got us down could say was we will add a fast pass to your next disney trip. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. This is brand new information! Thank you Inside the Magic, we would never have known this completely rare and unknown information you.

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