Comments for Disney Hid a (Dead) ‘Clone Wars’ Character in ‘Star Wars’ Hotel Poster

clone trooper, ahsoka tano, and aayla secura watch over injured anakin skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. I do not watch this animated series, but I have family members who do. I was shocked by how the blue character was featured. Her top is low cut, her abdomen is fully exposed, and some of her features are exaggerated. It’s obvious this series is meant to attract adult viewers. I am glad that the Disney cast member in the poster is not displayed like the animated character.

    1. Nony

      Oh nooooo, not the abdomen!! And exaggerated features?? What is the world coming to???!!!!

    2. Noob

      Are you trying to seem like an idiot

    3. Noob

      Aayla Secura appeared like that in the movies as well (they came out before the show). She wasn’t an important character in anyway, not having a single line of dialogue troughout all of her film appearances. She was also not likely shown in any trailer footage, so she is not meant to bring on older audiences.

  2. Pete

    Most likely, the artists that got the job for the poster and the people in Lucasfilm just had no idea who she was. The artist took some “stock” photos and the rest of the processing chain just rubber stamped it. Outside of the staff of the Mandalorian, no one in Lucasfilm has any clue about previous films.

  3. D Liv

    I don’t believe it is Aayla Secura. Her death scene in Revenge of the Sith has a ring of clone troopers surrounding her, shooting her corpse to make sure she was dead.

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