Universal Studios Removes Almost All Restaurants From Mobile Ordering!

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Summer is officially here and the crowds have descended upon Universal Orlando Resort. Lines will become long, and all food locations will become crowded. These are the inevitable happenings for theme parks during peak season.

Crowds at Hogsmead at Universal Orlando Reopening
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Unfortunately for Guests visiting Universal Orlando, ordering food may have just become more difficult. A number of food locations from both Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure had been available for mobile ordering on the Universal Orlando app, but that has now changed.

Mobile Ordering at Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Almost all of the restaurants that were once on the Universal Orlando app for mobile ordering have now been removed, and it is unclear if they are coming back. As you can see, only two locations are available for mobile ordering are the Leaky Cauldron and Richter’s Burger Co. No locations are available at Islands of Adventure and only Premium Seated Dining is available for one location in Volcano Bay.


Mobile Ordering at Universal Orlando Resort
Credit: Screenshot Universal Orlando App

The removal of most theme park restaurants from mobile ordering comes just one week after Universal Orlando Resort announced that it would no longer be limiting capacity at Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, or Volcano Bay. That means that summer will most likely be back to its usual shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that come to the resort yearly during the summer.

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Credit: Universal Orlando Blog

Guests visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure will now have to resort to ordering food the traditional way, by standing in long lines and waiting until they reach a food counter where they can order and then wait for their food to be ready. It is a surprising move from Universal Orlando, considering mobile ordering could have greatly helped control the summer crowds.

Universal Orlando Confisco Grille
Credit: Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has not made any type of statement as to why they have suddenly decided to stop mobile ordering or if they will ever decide to bring it back. It could be because they simply consider it one extra step that is no longer necessary since they have gotten rid of most of their pandemic protocols. It could be that they think it will be too much of a hassle with the incoming crowd.

Whatever Universal’s reason, mobile ordering is sure to be missed by those Guests who were used to taking advantage of it.

Are you upset to see Universal Orlando get rid of mobile ordering? Let us know in the comments!

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