Comments for Guests Call For Universal Hollywood Expansion After Wait Times Skyrocket

Universal Studios Hollywood Virtual Tour

Credit: Universal


  1. Jessica

    I doubt they are only at 35% capacity. I was there Memorial Day weekend and reservations were booked but they were still allowing people to buy annual passes and grant them entry. The start date of the annual pass does not have a block out date AND pass holders do not need reservations. By 2pm, the rides at the lower lot were at capacity and no one but the people buying the express passes (which sold out that day) were allowed to get in line. Lots of people were just wandering around with nothing to do. Why are the express passes being sold during a limited capacity period? Needless to say, we got on ONE ride before the experience became extremely frustrating and left by 4pm. I checked the wait time on the app periodically throughout the day until closing (10pm) and the rides in the lower lot NEVER dropped below 100 minutes. I’ve been to Disneyland, Knott’s and Disney World (twice) this year and never experienced anything like this disfunction. We won’t be going back any time soon.

    1. Gina

      30% capacity my aunt fanny i was there recently worst experience of my life! Never going back

  2. Alex

    I was there yesterday and it was pretty packed and the beginning of the day and then began getting slower around 2pm. They definitely need more attractions and the reduced hours may also be a factor. Annual Passholders, like myself, are less likely to come later and enjoy some of the park if they currently close at 7pm.

    1. Lance

      I was there Sunday and people forget that the rides weren’t operating at full capacity either which made the wait times excessive. This should change come June 15th when CA fully reopens.

  3. Gina

    Omg the wait times were RIDICULOUS! We waitied in line fo jurassic world for 3 hours! Had enough time to ride one more ride and did the studio tour, the ride broke towards the end and didnt even give us a front of the line pass to compensate, because due to “covid” theyre not allowed to hand us anything, sure enough i threw it in their face when i mentioned you can hand us our receipts or the glasses for the rides. The park was supposed to be 30% capacity yeah my aunt fanny!! Anyway, i will not be going back to universal im sick of everything there. Ill take my fun to knotts berry farm.

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