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  1. EricJ

    Umm…Don’t know how to break this to you, Universal, BUT–

    (Back to the Future Ride, however, would have been forever.)

    1. KevyB

      I think this is FINALLY the beginning of the end for ET. Universal recently filed a patent for a boat ride where the boat would be lifted out of the water for a “flying” portion. Some have said this sounds like an idea for a Zelda ride, but that’s a crappy idea for a Zelda ride. It’s a good idea for a Pokémon Safari ride, though, and Pokémon is rumored to go into KidZone. If so, this means the “river” will be built outside ET, and the “flying” portion will use ET’s ride system.

      This is such a strangely-worded Happy Birthday Tweet. It’s practically passive-aggressive AND it outright admits that it’s not a popular ride. It feels to me like it was done specifically for Steven Spielberg, who apparently throws a fit whenever talk of closing the ride pops up. After this, when the ride remains unpopular, they can say, “Look, we encouraged people to ride and it’s still the least-popular ride in the park. Even less than Fast & Furious!”

      USF needs to open something before Epic Universe. A Pokémon land is the obvious choice – it’s way more popular than ET ever was and it’ll be cheaper than building a new E-Ticket.

      1. Bryan

        I dont think they will ever get rid of E.T. anytime soon and I dont think a pokemon land or the boat ride you were talking about will go in kid zone, there are many people saying that it would he easy to replace the land the attraction poesidens fury is to a Zelda land ond one video talked about a boat ride, hat can maybe go on the land if it were to turn into Zelda and also you cant compare E.T. to the Fast and Furious because Fast and Futios is still kind if new and u never have gotten a chance to ridden it and that is the same case for other people, lately my brother has been going to Universal a lot lately and he asked some people why they went on Fast and Furios and all of them said to experience it because they never were able to ridd it before, remember Fast and Furios is still kind of new and also E.T. is one of the best ride in the park in some peoples opinion and in comment sections in YouTube a lot of people say, no dont universal dont get rid if E.T. another reason I dont think a pokemon land will get put into kid zone anytime soon is because lately they changed barney to dreamworks .

      2. Bryan

        I dont think anything will replace E.T. anytime soon,and also it isnt fair to compare E.T. to one if the newer attractions Fast and Furious cause many people including me have never got to ride it and my brother went to Universal a lot recently and asked a soem people why they went on fast and Furios and almost all of them said because they never got to ride it before, and also what you said about pokemon land I have to disagree because recently they changed barney to DreamWorks destination and fir the boat ride that you mentioned some people have rumors that the land where poisedens fury is, (I forgot the name of the land) there are rumors that talk about a Zelda land replacing that land, and some people even rumor that there will be a boat ride, and also I dont think Universal will get rid of E.T anytime soon for soem reasons, one many people would be sad that it’s going, like almost everyone, and two it is the last classic ride that they have so I think they want it to stick around.

        1. Bryan

          I’m sorry that I commented twice, for some reason it said that when I was trying to post the first one. That, it didn’t get posted or something like that

        2. Bryan

          Sorry that I commented twice my phone was glitching and I didnt know that the first one got sent.

  2. Joe

    I dont think ET says goodbye to you by name anymore.

    1. Kelly

      I was there in November and he said my name 🙂

      1. Kimberly

        I was at Universal for the first time earlier this year (I’m 33). Loved E.T.!!! Went on it twice. Little E.T.s everywhere and the colorful scenery was so fun. Super nostalgic. I hope they keep it around.

        Worst ride by a large margin was Fast and Furious. Longest wait time of all the rides we went on and the most disappointing by far! It wasn’t worth it AT ALL.

  3. Jacqueline

    Turn it into Stranger Things, upside down world

  4. Jacqueline Baumgardner

    Turn it into Stranger things, it would definitely get more riders.

  5. DAMON

    Oh no ET in a dress? is he transgender?

  6. Ryan

    I still miss the ET ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s still one of the best themed rides, queue included. Some updates to the ride technology could have kept it more relevant. The Mummy ride is fine, but I still wish ET was around at the Hollywood park.

  7. Rich

    Maybe there would be more riders if the ride didn’t keep breaking down. I tried getting on it twice when i was there and it broke down both times while i was waiting to get on.

  8. Jenn

    Hey! That photo actually doesn’t belong to Universal. They reshared that from my Instagram @magickingdommorins. Would love to see proper photo credit given!

  9. Tamara

    ET is always the first ride we get on every time we go to Universal. Still love it.

  10. JJH

    I just want to know when Fifty Shades of Grey gets a ride or attraction at Universal…

  11. M.

    It’s a tired ride that use to be magical, but now all it does is stop and break down. I was so excited for my partner to ride ET for the first time ever because I remember how happy it made me. We ended up stuck for an hour in a hellish segment where the music was blaring in our ears at full blast while we say there for an hour for the ride to be fixed. My partner vowed never to ride it again because of the sensory overload of having to be stuck for an hour surrounded by loud “NA NAAAAA NANANANA NAAAA NAAAAAAAA” over and over and over. I wish I would’ve never rode it and kept my original memory of it… now I just wish they’d replace it.

  12. Ronda Collins

    Well, um… Both times I’ve been to Universal Orlando (three years apart) this attraction has been closed for repairs.

  13. Ben_b55

    Annual Pass, a podcast that examines different theme park rides and their history just did an episode about this attraction. Sounds like Steven Spielberg has said he would pull any of the attractions tied to his projects from the parks if it is removed, and has the power to do so.

  14. Marcy

    We just went in Dec for the first time with our daughters (11, 8 & 4). They absolutely LOVED it!!!! We must have gone on it 3 or 4 times, lol.
    Our 4 year old just told us today she wanted it to be her first ride to go on when we go back 💞

  15. Matthew Brewster

    You didn’t mention that the ET Adventure is one of only two Uni attractions that date back to Opening Day in 1990! (The other is the Horror Makeup Show).

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