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typhoon lagoon

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  1. Thomas

    I love Typhoon Lagoon so seeing it dry and empty hurts my heart. I think the whole place is a great concept and think Disney are missing a trick not making an Animated canon out of it, I’ve written my own fanfiction screenplay for it and there’s so much you can do with it. And Disney would make a killing in merchandise for the alligator.

    1. Thomas Garton

      Please let the Irish tourist back ??✈️

  2. Jack skellington

    It always closes for rehab that or blizzard Beach do you do any research

    1. Chloe

      Typhoon lagoon closes from December to April for refurbishment. It doesn’t stay closed for 16 months and drain the water out of it. Do YOU do any research?

  3. Valencia Cantu

    If Disney have the money I say they should use this down time for Typhoon Lagoon to change the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean. Seeing the Black Pearl sitting over the wave pool would be super cool. And they should convert Blizzard Beach into Frozen themed. Just change the ski slope to North Mountain put Elsa’ s ice palace on top. If Disney does that, I would go to Disney world in a heartbeat!

    1. Sheila

      I absolutely love these ideas. Pirates would be a great make over for TL.

    2. Gail Kakaley

      There’s always Volcano Bay or the Jimmy Buffet water park you can go to.. Blizzard Beach isn’t a place I’ll ever go

    3. SG

      I also love those ideas too! It’s Disney after all, there are water parks all over Florida and other states as well that have similar themes. They’re aren’t allowed to use anything Disney owns. Come on ImaginEars listen to your followers!

    4. Jen

      Hoping that they decide to put a heater system in it. That would be fantastic! It would definitely compete with the newer waterparks.

  4. Sj

    Typhoon Lagoon fans will not be satisfied with any other water offering. Disney will lose many visitors if they don’t reopen TL.

  5. SG

    One of my former team members used to work for Typhoon Lagoon. They told me that Disney drains the pool nightly and refills it in the morning. I remember distinctly that they said she park was eerie in the mornings before they filled the surf pool.

    1. Kenr

      That is incredible that they can do that. On the Keys to the Kingdom tour we went back stage of Splash Mountain. They drain that too every night.

      1. Mome

        ? They don’t drain splash mountain every night.

        1. Marco

          Correct, they certainly do NOT drain Splash Mountain nor Typhoon Lagoon every night. Source #1: former Cast Member
          Source #2: Common sense…TL holds 3 MILLION gallons.

          Bonus fact: Contrary to the myth, crews do NOT sand down and re-paint the decorative horse hitches along Main St every night, either.

      2. Sue

        Still waiting for Typhoon Lagoon to reopen. Blizzard Beach is no comparison. We’re nearing the end of summer. Is there any chance it will reopen? I saw an article that “all” Disney parks were now open but went to get tickets to Typhoon Lagoon and it still says closed.

  6. Hannah Evans

    It’s hard to open a water park as social distancing and mask wearing wouldn’t be possible. All those germs happily congregating in the pool. I think 2022 will be the earliest. I think this pandemic has to be well and truly over before Disney can think of reopening Typhoon Lagoon

    1. KenR

      The pandemic is over. I think it has more to do with having enough staff. That is the issue with everything right now. Not enough people to run the resorts, restaurants and parks.

      1. bayma

        No, the pandemic is absolutely NOT over. The hundreds dying every day tell a different story than the one you’re pushing.

        1. Marie Olson

          The “hundreds” dying are the people who aren’t vaccinated. It’s hundreds of people who are dying from natural causes and our society is too lazy to “waist” a covid test on them

      2. K.

        That was my thought too Ken, they staffing doesn’t seem to have caught up yet with the rush of people who have started to come back since the masks went away.

    2. R.T.

      Mask wearing and social distancing at Disney are finally both over, so that wouldn’t have any bearing on it. Besides, Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park is open now.

    3. Lauren

      They’ve already opened Blizzard Beach which is a water park. Many other water parks open in FL too. Florida ditched their mask mandate long ago.

  7. Kevin H

    It was my impression when we visited the Disney area and went to Blizzard Beach in early May that it was remaining closed for renovations and updates.

  8. Ally

    Typhoon lagoon cast member here. Y’all don’t know what you’re talking about

    1. Ollie

      Ally, what is going on? Do you know? Typhoon Lagoon is my favourite place ever!

    2. Marco

      Listen to Ally.

    3. monica

      Spill it, Ally! I’m headed down in Oct and doing a water park. Really prefer TL to BB. Will TL be open 2nd week in Oct?

  9. Matthew Brewster

    I’m confident that Diz will reopen TL- my favorite park in all of WDW- within the next month or so, as parks and resorts return to normal capacities. The idea of TL being “abandoned” is as offensive as it is foolish.

    1. Yeah just like how river country was abandoned for years !!! Hahahaha!!

  10. Jim

    Typhoon Lagoon is the primary reason that we go to Disney World every year. I refuse to go back until it reopens.

  11. Typhoon Lagoon will most likely remain closed the same as they did with river country, Blizzard beach is open so there’s no reason why Typhoon Lagoon can’t be open even though we are in a pandemic Blizzard beach is open so as I said there’s no reason why Typhoon Lagoon can’t be, They also drained the pool which means it probably will not open back up just like river country!

    1. Jeanie ! Exactly it’s turning into river country and they will never be able to build over it the same as river country ! Disney stopped construction on river country I know TL holds the same fate 🪦

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