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Trail's End Fried Chicken

Credit: Disney


  1. Upset FW

    Once again another Di$ney take away. I loved FW. Annual Pass holder. Trails End was the best but here we go again. It’s getting to be a no fun vacation because each day at WDW I seem to encounter another thing that is reduced, taken away, changed and never never ever for the better. Plus it costs more. WTF. Family style? Really? No fried chicken? CRT. Ahhgg. “You want something else partner ? Well that is now an extra add on charge sir”. Turn off the Hoover will ya.
    Thanks again you *#@$%* bean counters. No way will I go there. So now I will walk by that restaurant and get mad and upset as I am reminded how the Trails End we all loved and remembered is now successfully destroyed. Just turn it into a McDonals and get it over with. We know Di$ney has absolutely no interest in how the guests feel about this. I want it back the way it was ! That’s my magical wish.

  2. Katherine

    It could also be that there is a food production shortage of chicken, including wings, right now…..Every restaurant is experiencing it right now across the nation. What they can obtain from their suppliers has increased in price. My guess this is just a temporary thing until chicken supply is normalized again.

  3. Gary

    My family and I will never go to Disney. To expensive

  4. Kay Strickland

    Fried chicken is one thing that my kids loved and so did I. Please add back to the menu !!!

  5. Mickey Payne

    Fried chicken available if u request it.
    A YouTube already proved this fact.

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