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Both Images: Credit Inside the Magic Kelly C.


  1. Catherine C Black

    Re: Tomorrowland Update/Refurbished Project

    I can understand the ” Purist” point of view, keeping iconic Tland architecture, walkways etc. I can also understand Walt and Roy envisioning the continued updating to “keep” in time with what “Tomorrow” actually will be imagined. They are called Imagineers after all…..

    1. JustJessee

      Replacing the dated gear design pavement with….plain, gray pavement isn’t keeping with the times though. It’s just lazy.

      If there’s a cohesive new design they’re going for with TL (retro futuristic minimalistic white…aka…an apple store) then it should include the subtle touches that should be present on all surfaces, like the massive surface of the ground. I’m disappointed in this easy way out of wiping away the previous design.

  2. Paul T

    My wife is wheelchair bound. We wish they would install an elevator to the People Mover loading platform

    1. Karen


  3. Hmm, dull grey pavement. How futuristic and inspiring. ?

  4. Disney seems to be obsessed with pavement. The blogs are covering every “Pardon our dust” location involving pavement. Are there safety issues involved? Are people tripping on uneven pavement? Or are they obsessed with refurbishment from top to bottom?

  5. Tamara

    Don’t care what they do, not going till annual passes come back.

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