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  1. EricJ

    I’d have breakfast there, before taking the monorail to the Kingdom, and their sweet-potato pancakes were perfect.
    It was a great hotel restaurant for the business-convention guests, and not every Disney hotel restaurant has to be Chef Mickey’s.

    1. Rob

      I am sad to hear about closing but excited to see what’s next. I always make sure to stop by for cocktail or meal on every visit

  2. Paula

    Terrible idea. Another character restaurant. Bad enough they did it at the Wilderness Lodge. Can’t adults have a meal without chapters. It WAS one of the better Restaurants in WDW.

    1. JW

      AGREED! But then they can charge $$$$ for the meal. Grrr…

  3. David W.

    My family and Ifound this to be a hidden gem. It was great to eat there when we arrived at WDW or before heading to Magic Kingdom for the evening on park hopping days. I also loved the fact that we were eating in what was once the arcade. The food and service wasn’t as good the last time we ate there which may have led to its demise.

    Hate to see this change, especially after Artist Pointe became a character experience.

  4. Jack sparrow

    The bottomless mimosas r not bottomless so the hell with this restaurant

  5. Barry

    I ate at the Wave of a couple of times over the years and was never terribly impressed. There were always much better options for a great meal. While I know others really liked it, it always seemed to be mired in mediocrity to me. The assistance in only serving wines with screwtops definitely pushed it out of the fine dining category.


      I was going to compose a Post, but you said exactly what I would have! “Mired in mediocrity” says it quite well. I always felt like I was sitting in a Denny’s eating food from a 3rd rate chef and paying Paris city prices.

    2. B

      This is one of the few reliably good restaurants so I hope it’s a reface only and not a menu change

  6. Carolyn

    I hope the wonderful brunch that the Wave used to have will return.

  7. Felicia

    This hidden gem was a favorite of me and my husband. We would eat a great breakfast and enjoyed the wait staff. Like others have said, not everywhere has to be full of characters. It will be missed!

  8. Nikki

    I loved The Wave! They had the best breakfast. Hope what is coming next is just as good

  9. Nikki

    I loved The Wave! They had the best breakfast and not as well known as other places. Hope what is coming next is just as good

  10. Jodi

    How sad! This was our hidden gem for a long time especially for breakfast. We loved that buffet. However the dinner we so loved for the first few years went down hill in recent times. Still very disappointed to see this happening…

  11. Dennis

    Had a terrible Thanksgiving dinner there.made reservations in advance and the whole menu was changed when we arrived. No notice. Nothing special about the meal. Glad it is going

  12. EM

    Kinda bummed it’s leaving before we ever had a chance to try it, we were really looking forward to those sweet potato pancakes! ?

    1. Ma

      Imagine pancakes. Viola that’s what they taste like

  13. Sheldon!

    Being in the restaurant business and sponsoring media I made a point of getting to know the chefs at The Wave. They were all consummate professionals with a keen sense of what their passion brought to the table.
    We remember with great affection Chef Paul bringing my wife’s special request dinner on our first night out after her mom passed.
    We have eaten that same dinner every time we went there… even when it wasn’t on the menu. I once saw Chef Laura bring salmon to the restaurant just for us when there was none on the menu.
    I hope the staff remains or, failing that, they all land the positions they are so qualified for in other locations at Disney.

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