Disney Has an Incredible Hulk Tree Exposed to Gamma Radiation

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Credit: Disney (left) ITM (right)

Now that Avengers Campus is finally open at Disney California Adventure, Marvel fans can fully immerse themselves into the MCU.

The land is full of incredible details from the way Pym Test Kitchen allows Guests to feel as if they too are the size of Ant-Man, to the variety of characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Black Widow, which meet and greet Guests, as well as stage full fight scenes for Guests to watch.

Although there may be major things in the land which Guests will have their eyes gravitate to first, there are a few smaller, hidden details that will have any Marvel fan freaking out.

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Credit: Disney

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One of these details is what many are calling the “Incredible Hulk tree.” If you are a fan of The Hulk, you know that Bruce Banner can become the massive green giant due to exposure to gamma radiation. When Guests enter Avengers Campus, they will be able to see a tree that was actually exposed to gamma radiation!

Inside the Magic (@itmnews) took a detailed video of the tree, which you can check out below!

There is an “Incredible Hulk tree” at Avengers Campus?!

Well, sort of. Hidden in plain sight is one tree that looks totally massive compared to the two adjacent ones. This tree was actually exposed to gamma radiation just like the Hulk!

If you look at the tree on the right, you will notice it is quite different from the tree on the left. The trunk is huge and green, much like a certain Marvel character we know!

Credit: Inside the Magic

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The tree can be found near WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure and E Jarvis’s parking spot. There is a “Caution: Gamma Radiation” warning near the ground.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Instagram user Jason (@sasakitime) also posted a photo of the tree but gave it a very appropriate nickname.

You might know it as The Incredible Hulk Tree but around Webslingers some of us call it Spruce Banner 

So next time you visit Avengers Campus, be sure to check out the tree that underwent the same transition as The Incredible Hulk!

What do you think of The Incredible Hulk tree? Did you know it existed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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