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  1. EricJ

    Well, I never heard of a post-finale spinoff that lasted an entire season, so, yeah–At least they lasted longer than “AfterMASH” or “The Lone Gunmen”.

    (Okay, there was “Frasier”, too, but that’s an exception.)

  2. lol.. The show just started and y’all looking to tear it down already? yeah,RIGHT! the show is Awesome as are the action figures which sell like Hot cakes! so..NO..i dont agree w this fluff opinion peice. I sure don’t Think they’re time is ‘UP’- casue? AGAIN? ? IT JUST started! 😆

  3. Kenneth Orlowski

    I doubt that they are shutting it down. More likely Wrecker will start to turn, the device to stop the inhibitor Chips will be completed, they’ll use it on Wrecker which will show it works, and they’ll double down on trying to save Crosshair.
    My reasoning being they’d unlikely make someone as loveable as Wrecker turn completely evil with Crosshair’s storyline still hanging out there with the Batch wanting to save him. They’d be shooting themselves in the foot by going down the “everyone gets torn apart” route. It’s both basic storytelling, and unprofitable to have it play out in the way that the article suggests.

    1. I agree 100% Daring rescue mission to save Crosshair would be great! Maybe take out a few chips from other troopers to cause some havoc.


    There is so much story if they use it they have what Darth Maul is doing now that order 66 happened what did Vader do when he found his apprentice was alive if they do this right they could make it just as well done as the clone wars which I enjoyed there will always be critics and i hope they keep up good work buy incorporating the story that needs to be told not some crazy unrelated crap I hope they take it to the fall of the empire or get close that is a lot of time there to fill do it and do it right

  5. Caleb

    Good Soldiers follow orders isnt Crosshairs catchphrase. Tup is the one who said it first when his inhibator chip malfunctions and executes order 66 early. Maybe know stuff abput star wars before writing about it

  6. Royal Glover IV

    No the hell it ain’t.

  7. It was the impact 2 episodes before that he hit his head…. Also since he is not on Commeno (not sure of the spelling) he can’t have the chip altered to make him comply with the 66 order… YES he is affected by it but I see that as a good thing, they will find a way to remove the chip…. Also whoever was at the end of the episode?????? ( I think we all know who that is). They know how to remove it!

  8. Plot twists don’t mean anything until its Actually done.

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