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luke and obi-wan with lightsaber

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Dave F

    Is this a joke?

    1. Brent P

      It has to be.

      1. Neal

        “These movies focus too much on the original characters.” – No One Ever

      2. Frank C Moreno

        This has Disney written all over it.

    2. Bob

      STARGATE SG-1.

      1. Mike

        I have to agree, this move is a copy of Star Wars: Origin Story, which came after Atlantis The Lost Empire, which is a blatant rip off of Stargate, which is an alternate universe of Indiana Jones, which is a fanfiction of Jules Vernes. So “original” lol

    3. Leonardo

      I strongly disagree.

    4. Frank C Moreno

      This has Disney written all over it.

  2. “In fact, one of the most common criticisms of the Star Wars sequels was that they focused too heavily on the original trilogy…..”

    Literally never heard one person say that. The complaint was that the Disney Trilogy DISRESPECTED and MARGINALIZED the original trilogy in an attempt to re-monetize for Disney by creating woke Mary Sues.

    1. N

      Yeah, never heard, or read for that matter, anyone say this in my 40 years. This article is ill-informed and seems like it’s seeing up the series for more stupid woke-ness.

      1. Donnie F Dresselhaus

        Exactly. Need to read some of the 80 something books available on Kindle in the star wars/Jedi vein. Wow

    2. Donnie F Dresselhaus

      Thank you! Exactly. Just more anti star wars propaganda. Clearly never read the almost 100 books(not comics) available with dozens upon dozens of characters, races, genders etc. Wonder why were getting so many of these propagandist articles and not the other way

    3. Nope

      Woke Mary Sues? The original Star Wars had a self rescuing princess and people fighting space nazis. Did you ever watch Star Wars?

      1. Backcountry164

        A Mary Sue is someone without flaws who gets respect and admiration despite doing nothing to earn it. There are no Mary Sue’s in the original series…

  3. Lou

    Keep your woke loserness in your damm melon!

    1. Ozan Akyildiz

      You could bash this 10 other ways instead of making it about your own insecurities

  4. Nacho

    More behind the scenes, out of touch, woke libtard idiots at Disney destroying something great. Kathleen Kennedy is a moron and has no business being involved in the greatest movie trilogy ever created. Leave it to leftist to ruin everything.

  5. #WatchStarWarsEveryDay

    These Star Wars articles make my head hurt. They start with one person’s opinion that was read on social media, then here are a bunch of Wookieepedia entries for related things and voila… its a Star Wars Story. ?

  6. Jejdjdj

    Garbage. F U.

    1. El culo

      So a Female Indiana Jones in star wars world, fot it.

      So original….. lol

  7. nickchop

    Ah yes. Replace Jedi with archeologists. Great plan. /S.

  8. DrBC

    I think Doctor Aphra is one of the coolest and most interesting Star Wars characters in a long time.

  9. Mark

    If there’s one great way to look forward and leave the past behind, it’s to use archaeologists. Those great visionaries and futurists. Now they can stop looking to Jedi, people who have studied the past, and look to archaeologists, people who have studied the past. Why, my favourite moments of The Mandelorian (after, of course, the minor plot points involving Groku, Ahsoka, Luke …) were the many, many archaeologist storylines, which were the only reason it was possible to tell these non-Jedi stories. Also the archeology-inspired films like Rogue One and Solo helped. Why, just last week my children asked to visit Galaxy’s Edge to buy an authentic archaeologist spade and participate in the Bar’leth University doctorate programme with cast members making them graduate under duress. Did the writer bother to read this piece, or is this some sort of AI writing experiment? Never mind. I feel foolish. I just realised it was sarcastic satire and am embarrassed.

    1. Yasmar Notlob

      I like the AI writing experiment theory, makes more sense (and a better movie) than the premise of the article itself LOL

  10. Deesnuts


    1. Jason

      You are?

  11. drew

    This is literally the stupidest puff piece of work I have read on Starwars in years…obviously written by an idiot who has no clue as to the story, the fanbase, or the fact Lucas is seeking creative control again…but hey keep trying to sell us on your archeological twilight knockoff you wrote in sixth grade on a life long cupcake binge…then your editors can tell you what your agent has….

  12. Darkness falls

    This is literally the stupidest puff piece of work I have read on Starwars in years…obviously written by an idiot who has no clue as to the story, the fanbase, or the fact Lucas is seeking creative control again…but hey keep trying to sell us on your archeological twilight knockoff you wrote in sixth grade on a life long cupcake binge…then your editors can tell you what your agent has….

  13. C.

    Same as replacing cops with psychologists…….woke losers ruin everything they touch. Why do we put up with this B.S.? F you space lady. Reality evades you.

  14. Gabriel

    I doubt this is accurate. The coolest characters in any story are the Jedi and their lightsabers. If it is true then its Disneys continued failure to understand that they don’t need to destroy legacies to creat new characters or ruin beloved storylines to start new ones. The Mandalorion is a perfect example of a great new character and storyline that exists in the same timeline as Luke, Leia, and Han. Don’t need to burn the house down to add a new patio.

  15. Billy

    Sorry, but Sith and Jedi stories are the Star Wars universe. Take them out and it can be any universe.

  16. James

    I’m quietly replacing star wars with alcoholism.

  17. Thomas Bradshaw

    Indiana Jones coming to a galaxy far far away…

  18. Fango Jett

    I came to the comments section afraid that maybe I was out of touch, after reading the article with boiling blood. Thank God you all think this is as much BS as I do. The Jedi and Sith are cornerstones of the star wars saga, and to try and erase them would be like becoming the very thing you swore to destroy. Totally love adding new elements and new characters, storylines. But you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Here’s to hoping George can successfully take back creative control and give us the same level of epicness that we all felt leaving the theater in 1979. Hopefully this article is all talk, but if not we need to send a clear message that we want Star Wars back.

  19. Mike

    Someone’s gonna be quietly replacing you once your editors realize their mistake to let you loose. You’ll be cancelled just for negative feedback. But hey, you gave your shot and wokeness didn’t prevail. If Jedi get replaced, it happens on its own through a genuine shift on popularity. You can’t force it, no pun intended.

    1. EchoThree

      Replace the Jedi Order with archeologists!? Whose batsh*t crazy idea is this? I saw Star Wars when it first came out.(now feel old) I adjusted to the prequels with Anakin and the newer ones with Rey (who I like a lot) but replace the Jedi. No!

  20. Ozan Akyildiz

    So, the Star Wars creators are replacing the Jedi class with Archeologists. Who are very helpful as they can help Jedi with their knowledge…

    Do you see the problem here?

    1. Ben

      Exactly. The Jedi literally speak to the dead. So if they need to understand something they have that gift plus a huge Jedi Library on Coruscant. This article is so lame and pretends that non-Jedi characters were never central to the story before while simultaneously bashing Harrison Ford.

  21. PepperPots

    Keep this garbage woke propaganda out of established written universes that do not work well with it. Star Wars was already diverse without shoving it all cringy at us.

  22. Joseph

    Can’t stand this Kennedy following moron columnist. They try to force their politics into something fiction; which should be allowed to be portrayed as the previous rules set by the initial universe. If you don’t understand or like the source material keep your hands off the franchise.
    Ask Disney now about President K.K and her effect on their investors and their bottom line.

  23. Westwood

    Soooooo Indiana Jones in space then?…… Lol K

  24. Because archaeologists have always been able to decipher the past correctly. Wait, what do those hieroglyphics on the pyramids say? Oh we dont know??? Hmm. Sounds like appropriation to me.

    1. Backcountry164

      Just an FYI, we’ve been able to read Egyptian hieroglyphics for almost a hundred years. How have you never heard of the Rosetta stone??

  25. Jesse

    Aphra sucks no one likes her

  26. Darth JarJar

    How much did Kathleen Kennedy pay you to write this?

  27. Ben

    The only reason the new trilogy didn’t move the Jedi into the the future is because of lack of vision. For real, did they think making a star killer base was original? Or that out in the far reaches of space a single planet of a forgotten sith race was capable of creating such a vast fleet with technology that originally took a moon sized ship or planet itself to install suddenly be placed on a star ships? Come on man!?!?!! Face Disney did another hack job and ruined a glorious franchise.

  28. Sean Shamblin

    The most common criticism about the sequel trilogy is that the writing was god-awful. Not relying on old characters. That doesn’t even make any sense.
    People are baffled by how mishandled it was. Especially since, if they really didn’t understand Star Wars, they could have just done a screen version of one of the many books already written.
    What a strange and ignorant article.

  29. Todd Gaack

    Nothing cooler than a female hero with Google on her head/s

  30. CASE Mueller

    This looks like ‘Star Wars” own version of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. I think they can be useful additions and can flesh out a backstory,add some additional information and lore, however the main users of Sith and Jedi equipment is going to be them. They can never replace the two main camps of Force users.

  31. James Bowman

    Disney ruined marvel, they are also doing the same to Star Wars

  32. Ernest Gill

    This is why Star Wars with out George Lucas sucks. It’s all about money and not story telling. I have never met or heard anyone ever say that the Star Wars universe was dependent on Jedi and Sith and was limited because of it. They are just part of the universe not the whole universe.

  33. Darth Quaker

    What a joke of an article and opinion. If star wars is moving this way it’s broke woke joke.

  34. Mike

    Actually, I’d love to see Disney do a follow up on the fan film “Star Wars: Origins” on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. It’s as corny as the original trilogy in some places… and I think that’s part of why I love it. ???

  35. Dead Mouse

    Quietly replacing a legion of fans with a handful of woketarded critics. Smart!

  36. Tom


  37. Km

    Look everybody, the last films weren’t a hit…. Fans think we abused the source material and lost sight of what made this series original…. How do we fix this?

    Take away the light saber and Jedi!


  38. Simon Foston

    If by “Star Wars” they mean books, games, comics and animated series I honestly don’t care who they replace. I’m only interested in the film’s and live-action TV series.

  39. Ras

    Well, that was a truly unbelievable pile of crap. On the other hand, is it really that surprising? Disney have no decency, common sense or respect to the franchise…

  40. Jason

    Whoever is behind this, Sith they must be.

  41. Alvin

    I liked chloe bennett in agents of shield but this is another example of putting “white” actor into a character that has more asian qualities.

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