Comments for Disney Confirms Physical Distancing Requirement Will End Tomorrow!

social distancing

Credit: Disney


  1. Erica

    I liked the distancing. Do you know how annoying it is to have someone you don’t know so close to you in line? I like personal space but when Bubba from Alabama and his entire family are breathing on your necks it’s not fun. I enjoyed the markers and the fact that the next party was not as close.

    1. Cristin

      I totally agree! I hate being all crammed up in a small space like cattle! And don’t forget there are still some people – anyone under 12 – who cannot be vaccinated, even if they want to be! There’s nothing wrong with keeping personal space!

      1. Tina M.

        Exactly.We can still distance without markers , but this has always been an option.

    2. Tina M.

      I have never had a problem with Adults to close in lines, children are all over understandably.I was clean and stayed a distance from others before it was mandatory, if crowds are an issue Disneyland/World is probably somewhere to avoid.

  2. Tina M.

    It seems to be getting back to as normal as we can expect.I do not however agree with children 2 and older having to be vaccinated or wear a mask.Masks are not anything but a mask and the vaccines are not even FDA approved why would we put it in our children?

  3. KenR

    Excellent news. I for one will be happy that the masks, distancing markers, plexiglass, and warning messages all disappear and become a bad memory.

  4. Denise B.

    In Florida, it is illegal to require proof of a Covid-19 vaccination. We have the best governor in the country, and he believes that vaccinations are a person’s choice not a mandated requirement. He doesn’t believe anyone should have to wear a mask whether they are vaccinated or not.

    …and if anyone has been reading the Fauci emails that came out, you’ll realize how much they lied and BS’d people about the virus.

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