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Jk Rowling (left) Robin Williams (right)

Credit: JK Rowling Twitter (left) / ABC (right)


  1. Will

    Not Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane was born for that. Gilderoy Lockhart, though, Robin Williams would have done great as.

  2. Michael J Griffith

    Hmmm. Verne Troyer (who plays “Griphook” in HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone) was OK, but Robin Williams wasn’t?

    1. Matthew Calhoun

      Verne Troyer was the one seen on screen, but his lines were dubbed over by Warwick Davis, who also took over the on-screen role in Griphook’s later appearance in the Deathly Hallows. They only made the exception because they couldn’t find a little person actor as short as Troyer for the role, and it was always part of the agreement to have Davis dub the lines.

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