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When Guests ride an attraction at Walt Disney World, typically, all things will go smoothly, and the ride will be experienced as the Imagineers intended. However, there are instances in which an attraction can break down.

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When this happens, the ride will undergo a temporary closure until maintenance has corrected the issue. If Guests are on the ride while it breaks down, there is time in which the Guests will need to be evacuated from the attraction as it cannot continue moving safely.

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At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the popular E-ticket attraction Rise of the Resistance seems prone to breaking down, considering it often undergoes a temporary closure. Today, the ride has once again broken down, and Guests are being evacuated from the attraction.

Logan (@LoganSchapker) was on the attraction when the breakdown happened around 11:00 a.m. this morning and noted that the lights were on due to the ride going down.

Rise of the Resistance broke. Lights on.

Logan followed up his Tweet with an update that Guests were now being evacuated from the attraction after only a few minutes of the lights turning on.

Getting evacuated now

Landen S (@LandenSchapker) also posted a Tweet with video footage of the attraction during the breakage.

Rise of the Resistance with the lights on.

If we take a look at the My Disney Experience app, we can see that Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is one of the many Walt Disney World attractions down at this time. As we previously reported, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is experiencing a power outage that has affected many attractions. 

Disney app screenshot
Credit: My Disney Experience

If you are planning on riding the attraction today, keep an eye out on the My Disney Experience app to ensure that the ride is back up and running before you make your way over to the queue.

Have you ever been evacuated from a Disney attraction? Let us know in the comments below! 

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