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ravens home

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  1. Besa

    Keep the show! Please renew it! It’s such a wholesome show and my kid loves it.

    1. Susan

      You need to keep Raven’s home!! It shows real issues not just tv issues. I would like to see it go at least as far as the Twins going on to college and Levi graduate from middle school and maybe he could go on to be a foreign exchange student in London and stay with his dad’s side of the family or even have Chelsea move with him. Let Raven and Chris Springlake get together or Devon and Raven get back together. Or a new partner for her. I could see Nia being part of a conservation organization that helps in other countries or even just another state. Not sure about Booker. Of course you can’t forget Tess maybe she could get a Basketball scholarship somewhere. I have loved Raven since she played in Fresh Prince of Bellaire or Cosby show whichever one she was on first. She is a great role model!!!!!

      1. Ana

        The show is awesome it should remain on

  2. Anjelica

    Keep the show alive! It’s one of my favorite shows, it’s very wholesome and family friendly. I love everything about it and I think it deserves way more seasons. Disney channel… keep the show
    (And also keep all the characters, don’t remove any.It wouldn’t be the same.)
    I would cry if the show was cancelled?

  3. i will season 5 of Ravens home

  4. i will raven home season 5

  5. Tamara

    Yes plz have a season 5 of ravens home it’s a good show for younger kids. Like for my grandkids. They Enjoy it very much. That are very good actors one of the bests shows Disney has now. God bless

  6. Tamara

    Hi plz do have a season 5 of raven home it’s a very good show for younger kids just like my grandkids one of Disney channel best shows. Should have a season 5 they good actor too

  7. Bonita Johnson

    Please keep the show going ! Everyone is a great role model . I would like to see the kids grow up through high school.
    Please do not cancel the show

  8. Samantha

    Please keep #RAVENSHOME it is a family watch in this house. Funny and a lesson learned entwined in each show. Raven is VERY easy Mom to identify with I’m very much that way and my husband even laughs at the show.

  9. TC

    Love this show! Hard to find clean family shows!

  10. tia

    Love this show please bring back their are fans waiting and I promise we will continue to took in as long as Raven is in the picture thats my girl way back to the sand box watching her on TV love the show cone back

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