Comments for Orange County Mayor Says Epic Universe Is “New Level of Theme Park”

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Credit: Universal


  1. Chris

    Universal continues to spank Disney where it hurts. This will hopefully bring about new, innovative attraction experiences for both locations.

  2. George Rui

    Knowing that construction is about investment only with zero profit until the inauguration day …. I guess construction has to go FAST as possible. Hopefully.

  3. EricJ

    Is it still a Fantastic Beasts area, not a “Harry Potter area”?


  4. Sue

    Good. They treat there employees better then Disney. Maybe people will realize Disney is over rated.

  5. Todd

    Your article is inaccurate citing Epic Universe as the first Universal park in Orange County. Universal Orlando is all with Orange County, but within the City of Orlando’s city limits. Epic Universe being near the convention center is in unincorporated Orange County, not the City of Orlando.

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