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ohana noodles

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  1. C.B.

    No free magic bands, no characters, no fast pass, reservations galore, and now NO NOODLES?? Somewhere Tinker Bell is slowly dying …

    1. Eric M

      “Disney Parks, where you can pay more for less”

  2. Matty

    I’m sorry but the “we’re still in the middle of a pandemic excuse is wearing out quickly. The parks have been re opened for almost a year, the so called pandemic is pretty much over. And I mean it’s over due to the worldwide new infection rate cratering, there are lots of very good treatments available and for those who want it, there is also a vaccine now. Disney can’t keep hiding behind the “pandemic” excuse. All of the other theme parks have returned to the regular guest experience. I don’t understand how these characters cannot interact with guests yet. Someone please explain how that is going to be harmful to anyone. Also there’s no reason fast passes aren’t available either. Disney originally said it was due to social distancing, however that is now over so there’s no excuse. The only thing I can think of is they don’t want to hire the many extra employees that are needed to run the resort at regular capacity with regular experiences. Chapek said the other day they had no problem filling open vacancies for employees, but if that’s the case then we’re are the trams, fast passes, character meet and greets and all shows?! I love Disney World but I’m getting extremely frustrated at the lackluster experience that they are charging full price for.

    1. jeanne allen

      They are pricing out the lower and middle class, plain and simple… higher price for so much less and so many corners cut…

      1. Eric M

        Disney leadership seems to be engaged in a bold plan to run the company into the ground by raising prices until the only people who can afford to go to the parks won’t want to.

  3. jeanne allen

    I am more worried about the meat skewers… most importantly shrimp skewers (what the heck is shrimp casserole) I’m guessing a money saver for Disney… I get it they lost a lot of money during Covid but they are totally pricing out the regular people… let’s see how they do with the rich people… can’t fill the parks with them, you’re gonna need the regular people who can no longer afford Disney… $5000 trip in the fall, no food, no characters, no fast pass, No (plane), rental car not included we did all of that for less, like all of that was $4000 ish, higher price and much much less for your buck.. people aren’t gonna take it…They may think it works for them but in the long run the peoples people are not gonna be coming back and thats gonna hit them in the pocketbook.. mark my words… we are coming for our 40th Wedding anniversity in Oct but it will probably be our last trip and we’ve made more then 60 trips over the year but you priced out the lower & middle class… congrats…

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