Universal Guest Gets Roasted By Megatron For Leaving “Other Half” at Home

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Credit: Melissasupermom7

When Guests visit any Universal theme park worldwide, not only will they be highly immersed by the incredible details of the lands, attractions, and technology – but Guests will experience characters that bring the parks to life.

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Universal offers a plethora of meet and greet options for Guests when they visit. One of the best versions of a meet and greet any Guest can do at Universal is one with a character who has the ability to have a full conversation with you, even though they may not appear to be human! 

Credit: Universal Orlando

At Universal Orlando Resort, some of the popular meet and greets of this style are with Shrek and Donkey, where Donkey can talk to Guests freely, and the Lost Continent fountain, which talks to Guests and Guests squirts water on them. Additionally, at Universal Studios Hollywood, Guests can meet Megatron, the supreme leader of the Decepticons​ from the Transformers franchise.

Even though Megatron may be a villain, when Guests meet him, he also seems to be a comedian. TikToker Melissa Supermom7 (@melissasupermom7) took to the platform to share a meet and greet video with Megatron, where the Transformer hilariously roasted Melissa in front of everyone at the park!

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In the video, not only is Megatron constantly cutting off Melissa and dismissing her thoughts, but when he is asked to say hello to her “other half,” Frankie, who she left in Tucson, Megatron gets upset that she left Frankie behind, and accuses her of working with Optimus Prime!

Credit: Melissasupermom7

The video has already garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments and reshares, which is no surprise considering how hilarious the interaction was! It is moments like this that truly elevate the Guest experience, and for viewers like you and me, it has us wanting to go back to a Universal theme park so we can experience it for ourselves!

What do you think of this Megatron interaction at Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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