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Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. EricJ

    Only in the sense that he’s a shapechanger–
    (Or in the wishful minds of Disney+ showrunners.)

    The REAL Thor was already calling him “brother” a thousand years earlier in Norse mythology.

    1. MikeF

      Unfortunately it has nothing to do with being a “shapechanger” but actually the fact that hollywood continues to shove this “agenda” down our throats.

      1. EricJ

        Actually, article says it started in the print canon, and….HOO-boy.
        Let’s just say, the print comics say a lot of things, lately.

      2. Frank

        What you call an “agenda” many others might call “their everyday lived experience”. Its a free country, you have every right to refuse to watch anything where you perceive that someone is trying to push something down your throat. You also every right to bitch and moan about it, and I have the right to enjoy it.

      3. Matt

        Who cares what 90 year old conservative trolls think about gender identity and expression.

        EricJerkwad and MikeF***wad sound like the same person….

  2. Denise Christianson

    Why point this out or even care really? Oh right Disney catering to the woke joke libs. Hasn’t Disney lost enough business and money over all the woke bs? I know most people do not think about, “omg what’s my super hero’s gender identity”. Please stop!

  3. Caitie

    Notice how the title says “confirms HIS identity”? Because Loki is a man and always will be. Disney needs to stop bowing to the mob.

  4. David

    None of this crap he’s a man or a woman will never go to this movie if you can’t tell the truth you won’t get my money cow boy and and tell the truth

  5. Eric

    I love the comments here. Finally, rational people are rejecting this bs.

    To even read the Harvard definition of this “stuff”, you have to suspend rational thought to even begin to think this is real science. And to frame this series as “gender fluid” and encouraging “diversity” is just perfuming a pig because it’s not what they think it is, try as this writer and some inside Disney are trying to mainstream these ideas to kids and families.

    I will probably enjoy the series until something gets passed those safeguarding Walt’s legacy that is truly disturbing. Then I’ll stop.

    But under no circumstances will they ever change my mind on these “ideas”.

    And maybe this blog should stop trying to shove this stuff down our throats as well.

  6. Paul

    Just here to watch the heads of conservatives explode. You sure don’t disappoint!

    And to laugh out loud at all the “shoving this stuff down our throats”. ?

  7. Mr She

    He is a shapeshifter, not “gender fluid”, an impossible feat for anyone but a an Alien god who can can shapeshift (even then its base form is defo a man).

    Stop trying to push a minority view on everyone.

  8. DJ

    I agree also that an agenda is being pushed, and that Loki is simply a shapeshifter.
    I don’t care how queer anyone is, or wants to be. I just want to be entertained without a continual sermon on what I need to accept.

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