Comments for Fans Want ‘Luca’ to Hit Theaters, Not Just Disney+

pixar luca

Credit: Pixar


  1. R-Gii

    I’d rather go to Poland to see it in theaters than see it on Disney+, even if I am getting Disney+ for Loki.

  2. Ryan Serowinski

    Can they put Soul onto theaters nationwide for one week, then we can talk to Disney about putting Luca theatrically

  3. Frank Coufal

    I would really love to have the chance to see Luca on the big screen. If Disney was able to rerelease The Lion King for Thanksgiving 1994, then Disney should rerelease both Luca and Soul in theaters worldwide for Thanksgiving/Christmas 2021. I’m sure everyone, including me, would love that.

  4. Angela Sullivan

    Double feature on September 10 at

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