Comments for Former Disney Channel Star Charged With a Felony

Raven and Cory Baxter looking shocked

Credit: Disney


  1. Sable Senegal

    This is really kind of agocking news kyle is being shook down for money & he is gonna need a great lawyer to dispute these charges

  2. Cj Brown

    Kyle Massey will be out of jail, just like Bill Cosby!

    My inquiry would be, how many Disney Talent have gotten into legal trouble (going back to the original Mouseketeers fron the ’50s) and the results shouldn’t surprise us – we are all Human after all (we all make mistakes!)

    FYI – Kyle Massey is the 2nd Actor from ‘THAT’S SO RAVEN’ to get into legal trouble.

    1. cassandra D ford

      This is a lie. There’s a systematic effort to destroy every black Male entertainer. Nobody leaves this business clean. They’re trying to exploit this man.

  3. Courtney

    When did you take that picture ????????????????????????

  4. Bbmomof3

    People immediately believing these accusations without any proof is very sad. Anyone could lie and ruin someone’s reputation.

    1. Tyrone238

      You would believe the allegations if they were accusing a white man.

  5. I agree with @Bbmomof3. Anyone can accuse anyone with anything without proof and ruin their life,career,and reputation. I have not heard anything about this until now.This is very sad to do this to someone if these charges are false and even sadder if they are true.

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